Whoops, that’s an error | Blogger Layout Error bX-7o92p6

Whoops, that’s an error | Blogger Layout Error bX-7o92p6

From yesterday, I am facing this problem ‘Whoops, that’s an error’. If you are using a third party blogger template, then you may also be facing this problem.

I have posted this question on the Google help forum and find that not only me but all the bloggers who are using third party template getting this error.
And the experts of the Google help forum gave the following solutions but nothing happened,

  •     Entered a username for an IM service
  •     Clear your browser’s cache and cookies, browser history and then try again
  •     Revert the blogger template
  •     Open blogger.com in the Incognito mode
  •    Try another browser or search for the google help forum for this issue.
I have tried all the above tactics to solve this blogger layout problem but unable to do this. And still, all my blogs continuously showing the error.
After searching on Google for this issue and to wrap my head around everything since 5 hours, I found a topic on Google help forum where an expert posted a solution that,

        ” BX codes are generally indicative of a temporary problem, so please keep trying and let us know if you’re still having problems with posting after 24 hours. You can also try clearing your cache and cookies, or using a different browser — that often solves the issue as well.” 

How to fix Layout issue?

2. Then turn off/deselect the settings for draft and done.

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