How to get a Vanity Mobile Number in India

Everyone uses a mobile phone today. Even you do, don’t you? How many times have you fought your memory to remember your number? Trust us; this is the single biggest problem with almost every mobile phone user not just in India but the entire world. The struggle to remember a number has manifested itself as a disease of the 21st century. Why wouldn’t it? Over the decades, we have invested heavily in technology. Even worse, we have become slaves of technology. Gadgets, in every shape and form, do most of the heavy lifting for us. From as simple as maintaining a To-Do List to reminding us of grocery purchase, we depend on our smartphone or tablets or some form of computing devices.

No wonder, our heavy dependence on these technologies has left us with nothing more than a paralyzed brain. Remembering a 10-digit mobile number is no less than a Herculean task for us. Mobile numbers come in all forms. The wide range of mobile numbers makes our lives even worse. There are ten digits in any random order. It is not easy to remember.


So, what is the way out for us? Yes, you are right! We can always consider a vanity mobile number. Though expensive, a vanity number will give us the much-needed solace in our days of defunct brain era! Now, the questions that you might ask are:

  • What is a vanity number?
  • How is a vanity number selected?
  • How to get a vanity mobile number in India?

Let us answer these questions one at a time. Be patient. We will go for a thorough explanation as far as possible.

What is a vanity number?

The term ‘vanity’ is nothing but a jargon widely used in the telecommunication industry. What on earth is a ‘jargon’? Jargon is nothing more than a technical term. Jargon use is common in specific contexts. Usually, these technical terms have a simplified meaning for laymen. The term ‘vanity’ means ‘custom.’ So, when someone says, ‘a vanity mobile number,’ that person means, ‘a custom mobile number.’

For instance, your mobile number may be 6087914538 (this is just a randomly written number, but if it happens to be a true phone number, we apologize). This number can be pretty difficult to remember.

Now imagine, you want your number to be 8888877777 (this number is randomly derived). 8888877777 represents a vanity number or a custom number. Isn’t it easy to remember?

Seriously, vanity numbers are less intimidating for our brains. Our brains can quickly recall such numbers from the ocean of memories that our brains hold. So, getting a vanity number makes sense, doesn’t it? Hold your horses! There is a long way to go.

How is a vanity number selected?

When it comes to selecting a custom mobile number, things can become slightly messy. You see, choosing a vanity number is not always about ease of remembering. There can be more to it. For instance, if your mother happens to be a big follower of numerology, she may have a say in your choice of mobile number.

Yes, some people want to get a custom number in which all the digits add up or sum up to a particular digit or number. They will follow what their astrologers say. If this is true in your case, how will you find a vanity number?

If choosing a custom number is just about ease of remembering, the method of selecting a vanity number is quite easy. You can find websites and blogs on the Internet where you can go and look for a vanity mobile number. For instance, you want your mobile number to reflect your name. Type your name in the search field, and the corresponding number will show up.

Unfortunately, this method mostly works if you are going for a business landline number or if you are residing outside India. In India, things work pretty differently. You will need to approach a particular network like Airtel or Vodafone or Jio, etc. to get a custom mobile number.

How to get a vanity mobile number in India?

In case you are looking for a vanity number in India, there are steps that you have to follow. Read on to know the steps:

  • Lock on to the driving force which is making you go for a vanity mobile number. There can be ‘n’ number of reasons like:
    • Ease of use
    • Astrology and numerology
    • You want your name
    • You want your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name, etc.
  • Once you have the concrete reason, walk into a service center of your preferred network provider.
  • Ask them whether they provide vanity mobile numbers or not. If they don’t, ask them about the center that will. Visit the center.
  • Tell the service girl or service boy about your needs. If you want a simple and easy-to-remember-number, their work will be easy. They will give you a set of choices. Select one, pay the price, and you are good to go!
  • In case you need something based on numerology, tell them distinctly about your requirements. For instance, if you think that the digits should add up to 8 or 1 or anything else, you have to say that.
  • The service boy or service girl will key in your preferences on their computer into some software, and wait for the computer to do the computing. Once the results come up, you will get a set of choices. Select any one.
  • If you want your vanity mobile number to reflect a name (maybe your name or someone else’s name), they will key in the name on their computer, and the computer will return the results.


  • Not every network provider may allow vanity numbers. We know Airtel allows vanity numbers.
  • Some of the digits in the number may not be as per your choice. Some will be of your choice.
  • Vanity mobile numbers are expensive. Depending on your requirements, a vanity number can cost you up to several lakhs. Airtel, for instance, has vanity numbers that can cost up to INR 2 lakhs.


Vanity numbers are expensive, but there may be times when you will badly want to get one. Analyze that ‘need’ because, if you don’t, there may be high chances that you will end up regretting your decision later. In essence, vanity mobile numbers make sense for business, but if astrology is your driving force, you may think of the cost as ‘money well-spent.’

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