How to use Trickster mod to extend battery life of Android

Trickster mod to extend battery life
Are you looking for a quick guide to increase or extend the battery life of your android device using trickster mod kernel settings then you are at right place. Here is a step by step guide to underclock and overclock your device using trickster mod by tweaking the kernel parameters.

As we know that Android is the most popular operating system which can also be installed on windows PC using andy emulator(can be rooted), BlueStacks emulator without any hassle.

The most common reason to use android is that you can do multi-tasking or even more by rooting your phone.

The only cons faced by an android user is battery draining. This problem can not be solved by normal users and at this point, you need to root your phone.

There are several apps available on play store marketplace. And my favorite is Greenify and Trickster. Both are free apps.

Feature of Trickster
  • Min and max CPU speed, read ahead buffer, CPU scaling governor, Set I/O scheduler.
  • Apply Grace Period (was Bootloop Preventer).
  • Frequency Lock.
  • CPU Statistics.
  • ADB over WLAN etc.

Guide to using trickster to increase the battery life of android:

Note: – Do it at your own responsibility.

How to underclock android device

  1. First of all, root your android device.
  2. And then download and install Trickster from play store.
  3. Now, launch the app as usual. Trickster app will ask you to grant root permission. Do so.
  4. Now go to Info > General.
  5. And then under ‘CPU frequency control‘, set minimum and maximum CPU clockspeed.
  6. And now, set ‘Governor control‘ to on demand.
  7. And then save the changes.
  8. And reboot your device to check whether the performance of your device is increased or not.
Note: If, the performance of your device is not improved then make necessary changes in CPU clockspeed. You must ensure that trickster is built for the root users. So you must use this app at your own responsibility.

Watch the below video for better understanding:

Thanks. I hope that the above step by step tutorial will help you to tweak your device for super-battery saving. If you have any doubt then use the below comment box to ask your questions.

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