How to Solve WiFi Error in Android : 3 ways

                                 How to Solve WiFi Error in Android:3 ways

Hi friends, I have received many emails for this problem. Many of the Android user facing WiFi Error problem in their Android Phones. Now, I have found out 3 ways to solve these Error problems. I hope these solution will work perfectly.

3 Ways to solve Wifi Error

1. Clearing  Cache,

2. Reloading WiFi Driver,

3. WiFi Fixer Android Apps,

1. Clearing Cache:- The WiFi Error Problem may be due to cache. Cache contains small amounts of data that may be corrupted or not. So, If your wifi problem arising due to cache’s corrupted files. Then Clear your cache,

   Go to Settings > Storage > Cache data

There are some low level android device where you may not find above Cache data setting under storage. So, This problem, You have two option  

         First, Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications . And Then Clear all apps cache one by one .

          2nd, You can download Android cache Cleaner  from here. Just open this apps and Clear all your Android phone cache in one click.

2. Reloaing WiFi Driver :- The WiFi error problem may also be arise due to corrupted WiFi driver. So, Just Reload your Android WiFi driver again by the following method,

          Dial  *#*#526#*#*  on your Android dial pad. After dialing, a message will appear telling that ‘Driver Loading Successful‘.  And Then your problem is solved, you don’t get any error problem.

            And , otherwise, If you get this message ‘Drive Loading Unsuccessful‘ . Then again dial    *#*#526#*#* 

            * Then, Click on ‘Option‘.

            *  Then, Select ‘Rx Test‘.

            * Now, select Channel 9.

             * And Then, Click on ‘Start‘  and then Exit.

             * Now wait for sometime, and then ‘Restart your android phone‘.

        3. WiFi Fixer Android apps : -You can also use this app to fix your android WiFi error problem. It is a background service which solve many problems relating to WiFi of Android.

    Download From here,’Google Playstore‘ 

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