How to share your location on WhatsApp

If you’re having a party or are waiting for friends for a meetup, it would be easy for everyone to have the actual location sent to them. WhatsApp and other smartphone apps have implemented this feature in their messengers, but don’t think that it’s hard to do because it’s actually easy to use! If you ever wanted to tell someone where you are exactly, then here’s how to share your location on WhatsApp.

  1. Open WhatsApp and open the contact you want to share your location
  2. Click on the Attachment button on the lower part of the screen. It’s the button that looks like a paper clip. Options should show up like Document, Camera, etc. Click on Location
  3. WhatsApp will prompt you to give it permission to access your location. Click on Continue.
  4. Your Android phone should prompt you if you want to give access to WhatsApp to access your location. Click on Allow
  5. Your Android phone might ask you to turn on your location services or GPS services. Make sure that it’s turned on. On most Android phones, you just simply need to access your quick settings menu by dragging down (for my Oppo F5, I need to drag up). Once you’re in the quick settings, simply toggle the location service to ON.
  6. WhatsApp will now ask you what you want to share: Live Location or Current Location. See below for an explanation for each.
    1. Live Location – clicking on this option will share your location for a specific time. So if you move, the location will also change. Use this if you’re currently traveling or maybe moving from place to place. If you have someone you’ll meet up with, then use this option to show them how close or far you are from them.
    2. Current Location/Nearby Places – this option will send a message in your conversation showing them the your location at the moment. It’s not going to change unlike when you press on Live Location. Use this if you’re specifying a place to meet up.
  7. Have fun using this feature!

Is sharing your location safe?

Sharing your location would give your actual coordinates. Basically, the receivers of your message will be able to check the coordinates through Google Maps. If you’re doubting your security then don’t worry. WhatsApp makes sure that your messages and your location are encrypted. Meaning to say, only the people you are talking to will be able to see it.

So to answer the question, yes – sharing your location is definitely safe in most cases.

In brief

You’ve seen how easy it is how to share your location on WhatsApp. Whether it be your live location or just a message of your current location, WhatsApp makes sure that it’s easy to do. So whenever you want to let people know where you are, you don’t need to tell them the street names and whatnot. Just share them your location and you can enjoy the time you’ve saved in doing so.

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