How To Recover and Rewrite Corrupted Tally Data [Fixed]

How To Recover and Rewrite Corrupted Tally Data [Fixed]

Tally is one of the prominent software, which is designed to make business accounting or bookkeeping, of business that fits the needs of thousands of small and medium type of activity over the globe. One of the best features of this software is that we can work remotely. With continuous updates, this software provides a flexible platform to manage the entire accounting work.

As Tally, which is one of the leading accounting software in India provides excellent features to protect data from getting corrupted. But some of the fault with user side, data still get corrupted due to the following reasons,

1. Virus contamination,
2. Accidental deletion of files,
3. Power failure or power goes off, and UPS is unable to give you backup,
4. Unexpected system shutdown,
5. Hard drive crashes,
6. Media corruption.

Usually, when the data of Tally get corrupted then the user gets the following pop up error message,

“Exiting Tally,
File Damaged
File: ‘C:/Tally/Data/0001/Tr01324.500’
Size;- 43136
Possition; 42880
Char;-128 (Done 128)”
The error data may be different on your software. An another error message is given below,
“Existing Tally
Internal Error contact Tally Solutions
File ‘”iocltally 9.0 data 10002Tmessage . TSF
Size =0
Char 512 (done 0)”

How to recover damaged corrupted data of Tally?

If you are receiving errors like above then there is 75% chances of recovering your data loosing only last few transaction entries. For recovering from such option, tally provides an essay company rewriting option, which checks data files for valid entries and recreates the company profile with all the valid data it can recover.

Note: Back up all your corrupted data before applying this solution.

1. Start Tally and navigate to Company Selection Screen.

recover damaged corrupted data of Tally

2. Now use Ctrl + Alt + R key combination to launch the Company Rewrite utility.

3. Select the company profile (which is corrupted) and press Enter to start the rewrite process.

                                           Repair corrupted tally datas

4. This method solves 75% cases of tally data corruption.

Important notes

1. This solution does not provide guarantee to recover all corrupted data of Tally.

2. You may loss some of your last few entries.

3. If, rewrite process does not work. Then you will get an another error i.e.  Error name – Memory Access Violation c0000005

Some other solution

As I have already said that the given solution does not provide guarantee. So, here is some other method to recover corrupted data. And don’t forget to back up your data. Only try the following solution if the above tutorial not working for you.

1. First copy your old data into some other drive.

2. Then Go the the tally data file and delete all the .TSF extension files.

3. And then try to restart Tally and overwrite the company. That’s it.

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