(Infographic) The Rise of Reliance Jio in India

Saying Reliance Jio has had a successful launch in the Indian telecom market would be a grave understatement. It has totally disrupted the market, and in an unbelievably short period of time, has arguably become the most dominant player in the entire industry.

The Rise of Reliance Jio In India

India Reportedly Becomes the Largest Data Consumer

In fact, if the statements by the company are anything to go by, India has become the largest consumer of internet data after Jio hit the telecom market, leaving the US and China behind. This doesn’t seem to be far from the truth, given the surprisingly long period of time for which Jio offered free data to its subscribers.

Built a Huge Customer Base

When it did come up with paid plans, they were priced terribly cheap, helping it retain a large number of its massive customer base. If we are to talk the exact numbers, Reliance’s Jio reportedly gained 150 million subscribers in a matter of fewer than 18 months.

These numbers are backed by some solid investment numbers, though, with Reliance pumping in a staggering $32 billion into Jio. However, with the kind of growth the company is witnessing and given that it has recently also turned profitable, industry experts think it’s well on its way to become the largest telecom company in India.

Triggering a Price War

It would probably not be wrong to say that Jio has totally transformed the Indian telecom market, as the other companies in the industry, in an effort to keep up with Jio’s aggressive growth, had to cut on their pricing big time as well. It also resulted in Reliance Communication, owned by Anil Ambani, the brother of Jio’s owner and chairman, Mukesh Ambani, ending up shutting shop.

The pricing cuts across the sector have led to the data getting a lot cheaper, with a huge number of people in India having opted and still opting for 3G and 4G internet, which was not affordable for them before. This, according to the chairman of Reliance Jio, is helping India go digital.

A report by IFC, an affiliate of the Harvard Business School, suggests that Indian consumers may have saved a whopping $10 billion since the launch of Reliance Jio. The average prices for 4G data dropped from a hefty Rs. 152 per GB to a mere Rs. 10 per GB. Needless to say, this allowed a large part of the Indian population to access the fast internet, which was far from affordable for them before.

Making High-Speed Data More Accessible

Tens of millions of people that have never used 4G data before started using it for the first time. Furthermore, however, Reliance Jio again went out of its way to add even more customers to its user base by offering 4G-enabled phones at a refundable cost of a little over Rs. 1500.

This allowed people that could not afford to buy an expensive 4G phone to access high-speed 4G data. Again, to throw some numbers that better explain what we are talking about, within 6 months of the launch of Jio, India went from consuming 200 million GB of data every month to over 1 billion GB of data every month.

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