How To Generate Facebook Chat Codes

  Now, You can convert any image into facebook chat code.Chat code generator lets you send custom emotions, smileys and any other images that you like to see in facebook chat box. you can also upload your image from computer for generate facebook chat code. when you send the code over facebook chat, then it will appear as your image. […]

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How To Recover Memory Card Password

How To Recover Memory Card Password Memory Card is the most important external tool of mobile phone which is used to keep data. But, What you will do if your Sd card get locked. Sometimes we set a password on memory card to protected from unwanted eyes but unexpectically we forget the password so, I have a solution for this. Follow […]

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How To Surf the Web Without Any Advertisement

Everyone is busy on Internet to surf the web, doing Facebook, twitter, and other social networking site to chat with friends, family. So, surfing on the web, we get various advertisement which irritate us too much.So, I have found out an extension called Adblock to block ads on browser .Adblock extension gives you the following features:: 1. Block banners, pop-ups and […]

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