That Good Gamer Sound: Best Gaming Headphones Under $100

If you’re serious about gaming, you’d better be serious about your headset. I know I am, and that’s why I have tested dozens over the past couple years to provide the strongest options available. Gaming-specific headsets include two key components: headphones and a microphone. When comparing the specs of different models, your priorities for these components may vary based on […]

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What is an IMEI number and How to find Yours

You might be wondering how manufacturers identify cellphones that they manufacture. Is there some sort of serial number that differentiates two phone apart? Actually, there is. What is an IMEI? An IMEI, or International Mobile Equipment Identifier, is a unique identifier for each phone. Basically, it allows manufacturers to trace which phone is which, especially since there are multiple iPhones […]

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Best Netflix Alternatives in India

Netflix has been making waves of new shows and it has started gaining traction in India. With shows like Stranger Things and The Crown, more and more people are tuning into this on-demand service. However, we can’t escape the fact that Netflix is probably the most expensive service in India right now. There are many Netflix alternatives that can get you that entertainment fix […]

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