Best Online Shopping Sites in India for Buying Gadgets

Shopping in India is crazy; Bustling streets that you can get lost in, vendors left and right, and the placement the shops can be pretty much confusing at times. Some say that the shopping experience in India is part of the culture and surely a lot of people embrace how it is. However, to some it can get really taxing to move about to check on each shop without getting an overview of all of the items available in a certain area, you’d have to go in, ask around and move onto the next shop for a better deal. This challenge has been dealt with beautifully with by online shopping sites.

Online Shop

With online shopping, you cut the hassle of waiting in line, haggling with sellers for each item that you buy, and the best thing above all of that is not even needing to move a muscle to get what you want. There is a treasure trove of online shopping sites in India, seeded with the current boom of faster internet speeds right now. That means there are a lot of people online, which means there are a lot of people that can be potential customers, and because of that, there is a surge of sellers going onto the internet to do business.

Let’s take a sample item that I’m pretty sure everyone would be interested in: Mobile phones. Which online shops are convenient to buy gadgets and mobile phones in India? Well, let’s find out.

Indian Shopping Sites for Gadgets

Amazon has always been a staple for online purchases in the US, especially in the Gadgets department but it’s amazing that it’s extended its reach to India., like most of the online shopping sites in India, is very intuitive to use. That is, you don’t need a degree in Engineering to shop online here.

Amazon Mobile Phones Page

Right off the bat you have a bunch of deals already shown to you, and you might already be enticed to purchase that new mobile phone. Though you can immediately add items to your cart at this point and check out, it would be advisable to set an account up first. It shouldn’t take long, but once you have everything set up, it should be easy as pie to buy mobile phones. Just simply click on the item you want, and then click on “Add to Cart” (note that the shopping cart icon on the upper right will show how many items you have in your proverbial shopping cart), and finally check out by clicking on that same shopping cart. And with a process that simple, you really can’t miss a beat in buying that phone you’ve been itching to buy. Just make sure you keep tabs on how much you’re spending!

Shop for mobile phones at by clicking here.


Flipkart is another good choice if you’re in the market to buy mobile phones. Homebred in India itself, this website knows its customers really well. As soon as you pop into Mobiles section the website, this is what you’re going to see:

Flipkart Page

Major categories are strategically bannered at the top of the site for you to browse. But for my interests and yours, we should try and hover over “Electronics”. There you’ll be treated to brand after brand of gadgets, from Apple to Samsung. Once you click on the brand of your choosing, or if you’re feeling adventurous just click on “Mobiles”, you’ll see deals that are happening now only on Flipkart, or you can view any items that might pique your interest. To help you shop easier, you might want to look at the key points at the bottom of each picture. The key points might showcase the battery life of the mobile phone (in mAh), or how many megapixels its camera can shoot, or it can even outright slash a hefty sum out of its price tag. Put simply, if you want exclusives or you want to shop based on the signature specifications of a phone, Flipkart is a perfect choice to buy mobile phones in India. I just wish they would go international.

Shop for mobile phones at Flipkart by clicking here.


If you’re into getting every single specification on the gadget you’re going to buy, Snapdeal is the website to go. It’s a very good option, as its one of the online shopping sites in India that has its roots in the country itself. Though it’s been around since 2010, the landing page never goes stale. New deals show up frequently, and of course mobile phones are part of this update cycle. If you’ve found a phone that you fancy, then simply click on the item and it will bounce you straight to all of the information about it. From memory, to software features, even dimensions! If you’re the meticulous sort of buyer, then you’re going to love the way Snapdeal executes their purchase process with every single tidbit of the items covered.


Of course the website doesn’t just simply cater to the meticulous and tech savvy, it also caters to the casual buyer. Near the bottom of each item page, you will see helpful reviews and even recommendations. If you’re having trouble choosing the mobile phone to buy, then seek the thoughts of people that have the item in their hands at the moment.

Snapdeal has every bit of information at your fingertips. It has the specs, the reviews, the recommendations available. Just make sure it doesn’t take your wallet too!

Shop for mobile phones at Snapdeal by clicking here.

Paytm Mall

Malls might become a thing of the past someday, but who would argue that going to the mall has got to be a highlight of your day. The ambiance is nice, everything is neat and organized, shops as far as your eye can see.

Paytm Mall lets you feel this kind of atmosphere as soon as you enter the website. It even makes the shopping experience a little more high class, substituting the shopping cart icon with a ‘Bag’ icon. If you’re looking for online shopping sites in India that can make you feel like you’re having a field trip through a mall, then look no further. But aesthetics and atmosphere is just part of this online shop. If you’ve got your wallet at the ready, you can dive into the Mobile phone section of this website and you’ll see splashed on the screen the daily deals and different brand logos. Clicking on these logos would lead you to a selection of those mobile phones. Now if you’re more of the visual type of shopper, then you can just sit on this landing page and admire the different pictures of smartphones, each showcasing their signature design style.

Now let’s say you’ve decided on a certain product line and you’ve clicked on it. You’ll be led to a page showing the product line, you can sort the list based on popularity, by price, or if you’re always in the know, newness. Paytm Mall clearly gave you options here and I think it has outclassed real malls by a small margin: no pushy sales people!

Shop for mobile phones at Paytm Mall by clicking here.


A lot of great things have come out of Silicon Valley: The Internet, Elon Musk, and a lot of other innovations. ShopClues is one of them. Boasting a ton of great deals and a very friendly user interface, you can’t go wrong with shopping with them. It has the bells and whistles of all the other sites in terms of how the products are presented, but it also trumps them slightly by selling unboxed and refurbished mobiles. Purists might shake their head in dismay, but to the practical shopper (and by that, I mean most of our readers), it’s a treasure chest just waiting to be opened.


Rather than paying the whole price for an item inside of a box, why not buy just the Pièce De Résistance? You’ll not only get that smartphone you’ve been longing for, you’ll also get savings at the same time. Money saved can go towards buying the rest of the kit, which to the practical buyer, will cost just chump change. And since we’re talking about saving money here, why not go the extra mile and browse their catalog of refurbished smartphones as well. Though the term refurbished might be raising some eyebrows right now, you can rest assured that these mobile phones have warranties on them so don’t go thinking you’ll end up with a brick with one day of use.

If you have a tight budget, whether by circumstance or by choice, ShopClues is a great website to buy mobile phones in India. Did I mention that you can save money buying from this site?

Shop for mobile phones at ShopClues by clicking here.

No frills, no hassle, no beating around the bush. jumps right into the action within just a few clicks of the landing page. Do you want a Mobile Phone? Bam. Two clicks and you’re there. Do you want to find out if items are available in your area? Just enter your local Pincode at the top of the page. The website makes sure that if you want to shop, it won’t horse around with you. Once you start searching for items that you want to purchase, the website will not stop you with ads after every scroll unlike other websites on this list. If I could describe like a person, I would say it’s someone that steps into a mall with an item in mind and steps out five minutes later item in hand. That’s how straightforward it is.


But what if that style is not exactly your cup of tea? Well, just head over to the left side of the website to find the various filters that you can apply to your search results. You can absolutely still window shop here like other online shopping sites by using those filters, but a great feature here is that you can actually find shops near you that physically sells the product you’re looking at.

If you haven’t noticed yet, right at the top of the page, you can see that Customer Care is open 24 hours a day, so if you have any questions pre and post purchase, you know who to call. Very convenient!

Shop for mobile phones at by clicking here.

Ah, If there’s anything you couldn’t find in the other sites, you can find it at, that’s for sure. This website is definitely the oddball here as it’s not only an online store to buy mobile phones in India; it doubles as a buy and sell website. The former is pretty easy to understand but the buy and sell component of this website is what might be your best friend or your worst enemy.

As soon as you hop into a search, let’s just say “Android”, you’re greeted by a mishmash of items being sold by big known sellers at very cheap prices, but sprinkled in between are sellers that might also be selling at cheap prices, but might hold not a high standard. However, the website won’t just simply drop you off and kick you under the bus; it does have seller information at the upper right of the item so you can shop informed.

The good things do overshadow the risky ones but let’s talk about the risk involved and how it’s addressed by the website. One is that sellers might sell you a faulty item; though does come with the eBay Guarantee ensuring replacement and refund of the item, it will be a major inconvenience to sit and wait for the item, only to be disappointed by a broken device. Another risk is that the barrier of entry to sell in is not too high so you will see subpar items being sold, but the comeback here is that most of the items have Free Shipping and are very cheap. Just be cautious when shopping at by checking the feedback of the seller you’re transacting with and you’ll be sure to land some awesome deals!

Shop for mobile phones at by clicking here.


From the name itself, you can identify that this website is owned by TATA (yes, the giant international Indian company) and with a big name like that, you can expect only the best from TataCliq. Hosting popular items, from the cheapest brands to the most luxurious ones, you will find a good variety of items to select. If you’ve got a thick wad of disposable cash, you can head over to the Luxury department and shop for current leading brands. All these things are great, but most importantly to us, it also manages to exceed expectations in the mobile phone department.


With TataCliq, you have two main choices, Shop by Department or Shop by Brand. If you were to choose the mobile phone department, you’re in for a great surprise. The first page would drown you with mobile phones currently on offer. The discounts that you can get can start from a measly 5% to a whopping 30% discount. You can also easily compare two or more items by ticking the “add to compare” box to get a quick view of the mobile phones you’re interested with to get a more informed decision when purchasing.

On the other hand, if you click on Shop by Brand, you’ll be greeted by; you guessed it, all of the brands that TataCliq offers. It’s not exactly the most ideal way to shop UNLESS you’re a purist that only buys only one set brand of electronics and gadgets. If you are that kind of person, then you’ll love how they set this up. As many of you know by now, shopping with only one brand of electronics opens a lot of doors in the features department, as each single product is designed to work hand in hand with the other products.
All in all, TataCliq gives you the options, and the ability to compare to boot, it’s just up to you how to choose the perfect mobile phone for you.

Shop for mobile phones at TataCliq by clicking here.


Infibeam makes this list as its one website whose primary products are electronics. Right after loading the page, you’ll see electronics and gadgets all around: Computer accessories, Printers, Power Banks, but most of all, the hottest mobile phones in India today.


The website gives great deals on mobile phones, even touting a 46% discount for some brands. But if you’re hunting for a real deal, then look for products with the “Open Box” tag. Though you might be hesitant to purchase Open Box Mobiles, you do have assurance from Infibeam of a 6 month manufacturer warranty, so you can put your worries away.

If you’re more of the trendy kind of buyer, the website has the perfect category for you: Latest mobiles. With this category, you’ll be the leader of the pack in terms of the newest phones out in the market. Another great category here is if you’re only buying Mobiles for the features, then you can take advantage of the “Shop by Features” links on the right. You can filter items based on whether or not they’re Dual SIM capable, if it has Dual Cameras, or even if it has expandable memory. And trust me on this; these options really cut the hassle of clicking on each item just to read on its specifications.

Chock full of options, Infibeam will make it easier for you to shop for gadgets online, that’s for sure.

Shop for mobile phones at Infibeam by clicking here.

Rediff Shopping

Rediff Shopping, or, is a bare bones online shopping site. It doesn’t have the flair of all of the other sites on this list, nor does it have the fancy looking user interface. But this weak point, as some might find it, is just a minor thing for the adventurous deal searcher.

Rediff Shopping

Since the website doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other online shops (aesthetics-wise), the website doesn’t need to bloat the prices to offset for the cost of running the website. And if you’re not the picky sort of buyer, then this might be the perfect shop for you to purchase gadgets. Underneath this shell of a regular looking website is a gold mine waiting for you. Deals left right and center that you can easily filter from the left side of the website, and it has both good deals on new mobiles and has good deals on refurbished and used phones.

So if you’re not really into artsy online shops, then head on over here and get cracking on this gold mine!

Shop for mobile phones at Reddif Shopping by clicking here.

By now I’m pretty sure you’ve made an internal list of websites to go to right after reading this, but I have but one piece of advice to give you. Always make sure that you shop wisely online. Though these are all reputable sites, you should inform yourself of the different Terms and Conditions the site of your choosing has. It will save you from headaches later on if a problem arises.

But of course, nothing can beat the convenience of being able to buy gadgets from your phone or computer and have it delivered to you. It easily beats going outside to shop for mobile phones because you get to see all the products available in the market and not just what’s available in the shop you’re visiting. Aside from that, you’re sure that with any of the sites here on this list, you’re going to get one heck of a deal, whichever you choose.

And with that, rub your palms together, get your wallet ready and start shopping for that mobile phone of your dreams!

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