Ultimate Guide on How to Monitor and Track a Mobile Number

If you’re a manager who wants to spy on their employees or a parent who wants to track their children, it’s time you know how to track a mobile number.

Is it possible to track a mobile number? Absolutely! Before we get into the main parts of the topic, let’s start first with why people want to follow someone through their mobile phones in the first place.

There are several reasons why people want to trace a particular cell phone number. Here are a few:

  • You were unable to answer a call from an unknown number.
  • Someone is bothering you by calling you numerous times, even during night time.
  • You want to protect your family from constant calls from an unregistered number.
  • You want to know the exact location of your wife and children.
  • You lost your cell phone and wanted to track it.
  • You want to keep track of the phone activities of a particular person.

These are some of the reasons why someone would want to track a mobile number. You may have different ideas in mind, be it personal or business. Whatever your purpose may be, you can be assured that after reading this article, you’ll know how to track a certain cell phone number.

Trace a Mobile Number Using Spy Applications

There will come a time that you’re going to require more than a GPS location of the owner’s cell phone number. In this case, an excellent option for you is to use a spy application from a third party. They are widely used nowadays, so it won’t be hard for you to find an effective one on the web. Take note that these spy apps are different and have their variations and purposes.

There are more than 50 spy apps available online, but only a few of them are worth checking out.

Here’s a list of the most outstanding spy apps both for Android and iOS to track a mobile number:

1. mSpy – This spy app is considered the best for the iPhone. Simply install the mSpy application on the cell phone you wish to track and activate it through your license code. After that, you can trace the activity of the cell phone casually using the application’s online portal.

If you aim to track your wife and kids, the mSpy app is the one for you. For example, your daughter tells you that she’s going out with some friends. It’s not enough to ask her to update you regularly on her whereabouts. To ensure her safety, you install the mSpy app on her iPhone. This way, you’ll know exactly where she is without leaving your home.

Once you activate your mSpy, you can already log in to their online portal to attain information from the cell phone you’re tracking, like phone calls, text messages and messaging applications, browsing history, and of course, their GPS location.

The mSpy app may be user-friendly, but it comes with exceptional features that you can enjoy:

  • Parental Controls. Another great reason why mSpy is efficient in protecting your children. Parental controls enable you to block incoming calls and unsuitable websites. It also lets you take control on which applications can be accessible when your child is using the cell phone.
  • No Need to Jailbreak. In case you’re not familiar with it, a jailbreak is a process of modifying a mobile device, such as a smartphone, to erase restrictions enforced by the operator or manufacturer. For example, to enable the installation of illegitimate software.
  • Keylogger. Keystroke logging, commonly known as keyword capturing or keylogging, is the process of documenting the keys used on the keyboard. The person being traced is unaware of the entire process. If your kid is using a messaging app that mSpy can’t directly locate, you’ll still have access to what they are typing. Through the keylogger feature, you’ll be aware if your child is engaging in dangerous activities and can directly act on it.
  • Monitors Social Media Activities. Our generation is all about technology. It’s no longer a surprise that teens and kids now are active on almost all social media platforms. But, we can’t deny that social media can also be used to harm innocent young ones. You can keep track of your child’s social media activities through the mSpy app.
  • Mac and Windows Compatible. The mSpy app isn’t only compatible with Android and iOS, but also with Mac and Windows computers. With just a single account, you can track multiple devices.

2. Highster Mobile – While mSpy is the best for the iPhone, Highster Mobile is known to be the best for Android devices. Installing it is the same as mSpy. Download the application and install it on the phone you aim to track. After that, enter your license code, and you can start using the app.

This spy app is probably the most affordable at $69.99. It doesn’t have as many features compared to mSpy. But, it’s a useful app if you want to track an Android device.

Some aspects you can enjoy with the Highster Mobile app include the following:

  • Monitors social media activities. Monitor the person’s activities in social media giants such as Facebook, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. You can see the entire conversation of who they’re communicating with. With this feature, you’ll find out if there are suspicious behaviors or if the person you’re tracking could be in potential danger.
  • View the mobile device’s apps. You can view some of the applications they have installed, their calendar entries, and their contacts. This is useful as you’ll be aware of their schedules and if you can’t reach their cell phones, you can call someone from their contacts to find out what the person you’re mobi is up to.
  • Access to their Browsing History. Children as young as three already know how to navigate the world wide web. If you have a child who owns a cellular phone, it’s best that you keep track of their browsing history. There are sites on the web that may seem harmless, but can be a serious threat to children.
  • Access to their photo gallery. It may seem a useless feature, but being able to view their photos will alert you if they’re using their smartphones appropriately. The photos taken in their cameras will be uploaded to your Highster Mobile account.
  • Access to their call logs. Being able to view their call history will give you an idea on where they’re going, who they’re with, and what they’ll be doing. This feature will enable you to watch over your loved ones without tagging along in all of their daily activities. With this feature, you’ll have access to their missed calls, received calls, calls made, contacts, duration, time, and date of these calls.
  • Access to their text messages. You’ll be able to read all of their messages, including those that were already deleted. Installing a spy application on someone’s mobile device is invading their privacy. But, if your children are under your care, it’s only proper that you have access to their smartphones. You don’t need to read every text message they receive unless you have a valid reason.
  • GPS tracking. This enables you to monitor the places they’re going. You’ll be fully aware on their whereabouts by checking their locations on the map displayed on the application’s official website.

3. FlexiSPY – FlexiSPY is one of the strongest spy applications available. It has many features, but, what stands out is their Call Interception. This feature allows you to listen and record phone conversations covertly. However, you can only use this application if you jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android device.

If you prefer using this spy app, you have to jailbreak or root your mobile device first. After that, install and configure it on your target phone. Once installed, it will start recording the phone’s activity stealthily. When we say phone’s activity, it refers to all that’s going on in the target’s phone. This includes messaging applications, such as Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, etc., social media platforms, photo galleries, emails, text messages, GPS, call logs and call recordings.

FlexiSPY was released around 2006 and still preferred by many today. This spy app comes in two versions, the Premium Version, and the Extreme Version. The Premium Version offers all the features you require from a spy app. But, the Extreme Version provides advanced features that aren’t available in other free spy apps.

Among these are:

  • RemCam – This feature allows you to access the camera and take pictures secretly so you’ll have a proper view on the environment of the person you’re tracking.
  • Record the surroundings. FlexiSPY is indeed the ultimate spy application. This feature lets you access the microphone and record the person’s surroundings, so you’ll know exactly what’s happening. The recordings are uploaded and saved on your account. This may seem too much, but, it’s useful, especially if you found out that your son or daughter is meeting someone you don’t know. Being able to listen to their conversation will assure that your children are safe.
  • Record phone conversations. You don’t need to listen to every phone call they make. But, for future purposes, these conversations are also saved and uploaded on your account. This will let you have an idea on what’s going on with the person’s life when they’re not around you.
  • Live call interception. You will be able to listen to an on-going call the person is making.

While these features are useful when it comes to safety, make sure you don’t abuse them. Listen and track them only if you have to. Keep in mind that they also need their privacy.

FlexiSPY may be the ultimate spy application, but it’s also expensive. If this is your first time to track a mobile number, it’s best if you start with the simple and cheap ones.

4. iKeyMonitor – If it’s keylogging you’re after, this spy app might just be what you’re looking for. IkeyMonitor is not as extravagant as FlexiSPY, but its keylogging assets are spot on. It allows you to keep track of their text messages, websites they have visited, instant messages, and records each key they struck. All of the information will be sent directly to the email you provided. The interface is easy to navigate. The downside is that you need to jailbreak your iPhone first before you can install the app.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you install the iKeyMonitor are:

  • A three-day trial for free. You can try the iKeyMonitor first for three days to see if you really want to purchase the app or not.
  • Supports multiple languages. This spy app lets you choose different languages, such as English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, and more.
  • Captures screenshots. This app will automatically capture screenshots when the phone’s screen changes. Through this feature, you will be able to see the different apps the person is using, and the websites they have visited.
  • Stores passwords. Since every key struck on the mobile device is recorded, you’ll know the passwords they’ll enter into their accounts.
  • Keylogging. The primary purpose of the iKeyMonitor spy app is keyboard logging. This means that everything typed on the mobile device will be recorded and saved. It doesn’t matter what app they’re using, all information that was typed will be recorded. You’ll be fully aware of any conversation like instant and text messaging.

The iKeyMonitor only works on Apple mobile devices that run iOS 6.0 and later. Take note to jailbreak the iPhone, iTouch, or iPad first before using the app.

5. XNSPY – Another useful spy app that will allow you to be fully aware of the owner’s phone activities. Here are some aspects that you get to enjoy when you use the XNSPY app:

  • Monitors text messages and phone history. As you may have noticed, this feature is present in all spy apps. It’s pretty basic, but an important feature. You’ll have access to call logs, text messages, and will alert you when the cell phone receives an incoming call.
  • Access to social media and instant messaging accounts. You’ll be able to read conversations and view photos on their social media and IM accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, Tinder, Skype, Kik, and iMessage.

If you plan on purchasing XNSPY, they have prerequisites that you should comply first before you can enjoy their benefits. Take the time to read it here.

Significant Points Before Buying a Spy App

  • For you to track a mobile number, you need to have physical access to the cell phone. You must download the spy app and install it on that cell phone. This is very important. Some are confused when it comes to installing the app. It must be installed in the targeted mobile device, and not your cell phone or computer.
  • Many spy apps require to jailbreak iOS devices and root Android devices first before these apps can function.
  • Before purchasing a spy app, double check if it’s compatible with the mobile device you wish to monitor.
  • Downloading the spy app requires an internet connection. Make sure the targeted phone has cellular data or is connected to a Wi-Fi.

Getting Started

  • Check and compare the best spy apps available on the market. Determine what you require for the spy app to do for you. Check your budget and see what spy app fits best your purpose and pocket.
  • Purchase the spy app. After buying, the company will send you an email containing your login info and the download instructions.
  • Download the app on the mobile device you want to monitor and install it.
  • After installing the app, you can start monitoring the cell phone through the company’s web-based interface.

Track a Mobile Number Without Using an App

Using a spy app to trace a mobile number and be updated of the cell phone’s activities is the most efficient way. However, if your purpose is to track the mobile phone’s location solely, you can do so even without downloading any apps.

How is it done? It’s simple.

Use Google Maps

Here’s an example on how it will appear if you search the location of a cell phone.

Here’s an excellent guide on how to track a mobile number using Google Maps.

Unfortunately, it has its drawbacks. The data shown isn’t real-time. So, what you’re going to see when you locate the phone’s locations are all from the past. Also, it’s likely you’re going to have issues with accuracy. There are times that Google will miss specific points and the end picture won’t always coincide with reality.

If this isn’t a major issue with you and still wants to use Google Maps, follow these steps:

  • Sign in into Google. The account signed in must be the same on the computer and the cell phone you want to locate.
  • Open Google Maps.
  • Locate the settings option and turn on the location history option. Here’s how it looks:

Use Find My iPhone

iPhone units have a pre-installed app, Find My iPhone, which can locate the device in case it gets lost or stolen. If you have the login info of someone’s iCloud, you can also use this feature. Through this app, you will be able to locate the mobile unit’s location. However, this feature doesn’t support location history.

Keep in Mind: You need to be aware once the person changes his/ her iCloud or Google accounts and should still have access to them. Otherwise, you won’t be able to track their location.

Google Maps and Find My iPhone are pretty basic. As you may have noticed, they aren’t what you perceive as real tracking. However, if you’re only after the location of the mobile device, they can come pretty handy.

Download a Mobile Tracker Application

If Google Maps and Find My iPhone aren’t enough for you, you can download and try mobile tracker apps. Below are some of the best apps to track a mobile number:

For Android Devices

  • FoneMonitor

The Features:

  • You will be able to track calls – the time, duration, and the number who called. But, you won’t have any idea what the call was about.
  • You will be able to track messages – you’ll have access to the name and number of the recipient, the date and time the message was delivered, and most importantly, the content of the message. Not only can you track text messages, but also those received from instant messaging apps, such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • You can monitor browsing logs – This is an essential feature for parents who want to keep track of the websites their children are visiting. Not only will you be able to see the websites they visit, but also how frequent they visit them. You’ll also have access to the date and time they visited those sites.
  • You can track their location history – The main reason why someone would want to track a mobile number is that they want to be updated with the person’s current whereabouts. This is very common for parents. With this app, you’ll know where your kids are all the time.
  • Keylogging – As mentioned above, keylogging allows you to access each key the owner of the phone typed on their cell phones. Through this feature, you’ll know the passwords of their accounts, the numbers they’ve dialed, the messages they sent, and the websites they visited.
  • Other monitoring features – FoneMonitor also offers other monitoring services, such as access to contacts, phone galleries, and the other applications that were installed on the unit.

The Pros:

  • It’s simple to use. No need for any unique skills to operate the app. Just download and install it. After that, you’re good to go.
  • You can track the person covertly.
  • Tracking in real-time. So, if you want to track your kids and make sure that they’re safe, you can do so with this app.
  • It works both for iOs and Android.
  • No need to root your Android device and jailbreak your iPhone to install the app.

The Cons:

  • The app is a bit expensive.
  • While many use it for the safety of their loved ones, some may use it with evil intentions.

The Price:

For Android units, you have two options: Premium and Ultimate Edition Plan. The Premium Plan will cost you $29.99 per month, while the Ultimate Edition Plan costs $39.99 per month. For Apple users, you can get the app for $39.99. But, if you’re willing to pay for more than a month, you can get a discount.

  • Google Find My Device – This app will allow you to remotely track, lock, and remove data on a stolen or lost mobile phone. You can even see the remaining battery life and the Wi-Fi network it’s connected to. While there are numerous ways to track a mobile number, this app is probably the simplest way to track your Android device.

This app requires your mobile device to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up for it to function. You need to check your operating system first if it fits the requirement.

How to Use the Find My Device App:

  • Once you download and install Find My Device, you’ll be required to sign in with your Google account. You can use multiple accounts. You’ll receive a drop-down menu so you can select which account you’re going to use.
  • Open the Find My Device App from your phone.
  • Choose the Google account that you want to track.
  • Press continue.
  • Input the account’s password.
  • Sign in.
  • Provide location access to the app.

How to Check if You’re Visible With the App

Once you’re signed in, you’re going to see the following: a map showing your present location, the model of your device, and lastly, two options – Enable Lock and Erase, and Play Sound.

If you’ve signed the account in more than one device, you can choose a particular device through browsing the options at the top side of your screen.

  • Launch the Find My Device App.
  • Choose your phone from the options of the mobile units at the top side of your screen.
  • Check if your phone is visible.

If your mobile unit is unavailable, it’s possible that your location services are prohibited. Find My Device depends on GPS to trace mobile devices. So, you need to activate your location services.

  • Launch Settings from your mobile device.
  • Select Location.
  • Enable your location services.

How to Locate Your Device Using the Internet

With the use of the internet, it becomes easier to trace anything including a mobile device. You can locate your mobile phone through the website of Find My Device if you misplaced or lost your phone.

  • Enter the website for Find My Device
  • Sign in with the Google account you used to set up the app.
  • See if your mobile phone is available.

How to Make Your Mobile Phone Ring Using the App

If you’re trying to locate your misplaced phone, you can use the Play Sound feature of the app. It will make your mobile phone ring loudly for five minutes. It will still play a loud tone even if your phone is on silent or vibrate mode.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to Find My Device to locate your phone.
  • Choose the Play Sound Feature.
  • Turn off the ringing once you found your mobile phone.

How to Lock Your Mobile Phone With the App

Find My Device offers a lock feature that will require you to set another password to access the mobile phone. You can also show a message on your lock screen and place a button to call you back so that the person who finds your mobile phone can quickly reach you.

  • Find your mobile phone on the app.
  • Select Lock.
  • Set a message and a number where they can reach you that will be displayed on the lock screen.
  • Select Lock again.

How to Remove Data on Your Lost Mobile Phone

You can remove the data from your mobile phone if you believe that you will never get it back. Even when your mobile phone is turned off, all of the data will still be erased. Depending on the manufacturer, the data on the SD card may also be erased. But, that’s not a 100% guarantee.

  • Find your mobile phone on the app.
  • Select Erase.
  • Confirm the erasing of data by choosing the Erase option.
  • Family Locator Apps

Once you become a parent, your constant worry is when your children are not around you. You worry what they could be doing, who they’re with, and where they could be. Fortunately for parents today, they can already track their children’s activities and whereabouts through these mobile device tracker apps.

There are numerous family locator apps available. Below are some of the most used mobile tracking apps for children:

Life 360 Family Locator

  • The primary use of this application is for parents to locate and communicate with their children right away. It’s available for download on Android, Apple, and Blackberry devices. It comes with a map that will alert you once the person you’re tracking reaches a specific destination.
  • The highlight of this app is its Family Channel feature. It allows family members to keep in touch with each other at the same time. It also warns you once a family member reaches a specified location.
  • It comes with the Crash Detection feature, wherein you can offer assistance to a driver if they meet an accident
  • It can track your mobile phone if it gets stolen or lost.
  • It’s free to download and install.

Sygic Family Locator

  • This family locator app was awarded by the Parent Tested Parent Approved.
  • The app is compatible with different platforms. So, if you and the members of your family are using different models of cell phones, you can still communicate using this app.
  • You can modify danger zones, and you’ll be alerted if a family member reaches that specific place.
  • This app receives warning messages if someone may be in danger. In turn, these messages will be sent to you.
  • It functions as an offline mode GPS for navigation.
  • You can download it for free. But, they also have premium offers.
  • This app is perfect for younger children. If you already have a teen or young adult, it’s best if you consider other mobile tracker apps.

FamilyWall for Sprint

  • Communication is easy. Even when you’re not physically together, you can still stay close to the people you love through instant messaging. You can send your loved ones texts, photos, and videos privately.
  • A shared organizer. This feature includes shared shopping lists, calendar, contacts, modifiable task lists, and location check-ins. Through this shared organizer, you’ll never miss a special event, anniversary, and most importantly, a loved one’s birthday. The location check-in is useful to ensure everyone is safe.
  • Easy sharing of photos. You can inform your family your whereabouts and what you’re doing by simply sending them your photo. In turn, they can also send theirs so you won’t worry where they are and what they’re doing.

Verizon Family Locator

  • Family dashboard – You’ll have access to everyone’s location. You can set up important destinations, such as “at home,” “at the grocery store,” or “at school.” to make updates simpler.
  • Map – If you’re worried that your kid is in a place you’re not familiar with, you can check it through the app’s map. You can switch it to satellite view so you can look closer.
  • Location history – If you’re a busy person, there’s no need to log in every day to see where everyone’s been. You can check where your family has been as far as a week back.
  • Schedule notifications – You can set up location alerts on your mobile device for a specified time. You can also modify the app so you can receive updates when the family members are traveling, such as leaving the house and reaching the school.
  • You can enjoy this app free for one month. After that, you’ll be charged $9.99 per month, which is budget-wise.
  • Unfortunately, it’s not directly available on the Apple Store and Google Play Store. You have to get it from Verizon’s official website.

GPSWOX Family Locator

  • Real-time tracking – You can track your target, be it a person, vehicle, or a mobile phone, real-time. You can view vital info, such as the speed they’re moving, exact location, travel logs, and even their petrol consumption.
  • Receive notifications right away – You’ll receive notifications fast regarding the object you’re monitoring; like when they enter and exit a geo-zone, and if they’re speeding or making stopovers. You’ll also be notified if the mobile device gets stolen.
  • Comprehensive reports – You can download reports in various formats: TXT, CSV, PDF, and XLS. The reports will include significant information, such as driving hours, distance traveled, stopovers, petrol consumption, etc.
  • Petrol saving – Since you’ll get a report regarding petrol consumption, you can adjust your speed and the way you drive to save fuel.
  • Geofencing – This will let you setup geographic borders that you’re specifically interested in. You’ll receive alerts automatically once the person you’re monitoring enters and leaves the location.
  • Point of Interest Tool – The POI tool enables you to add signs at locations you commonly go, such as the grocery store, school, a gas station, a restaurant, and even a hotel. You can also add descriptions on these locations. The tool will also calculate distances between certain places on your map.
  • Mobile tracking – You can use this app to track a mobile number.
  • Cerberus Anti-theft
  • Since it’s an anti-theft application, it’s capable of hiding from the apps menu.
  • It has a main switch to activate and disable the app, which is useful in situations when the mobile phone’s owner doesn’t want to use it.
  • The Protect Device Admin feature will prevent the thief from disabling Cerberus by requiring a password before it can be shut down.
  • The Fake Shutdown feature will trick the thief by following the actions of a mobile phone shutting down.
  • The Block Status Bar will block the thief from the Quick Settings Menu.
  • Automatic Photo Capture will take a picture once the person entered the incorrect password multiple times. After taking the photo, it will be sent automatically to the email you used to set up your account.
  • SIM Checker. Once a thief gets hold of a mobile phone, the first thing they’re going to do is to remove the sim card to make it unreachable. When you have the Cerberus app installed, your sim card and the number on your sim slot will be registered. Once the sim card number and the sim card slot don’t match to what they have on their database, you’ll be notified and will be provided with information of the new sim and the location of the mobile phone.
  • Prey Anti-theft
  • The Prey Anti-theft app is designed primarily for tracking locations. The platform doesn’t consume too much storage so that the app can function smoothly with less hang and lag experiences.
  • The app can run in iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows Operating System
  • To know more about this app, click here.

For Apple Devices


  • With this app, you’re not required to sign-up. Just install the device, and navigate the location.
  • You can create a group so you can always keep in touch with family, relatives, and friends.
  • The downside is it can drain your cell phone’s battery quickly.
  • Another is the user interface is complicated to use.

GPS Tracker (Phone Location Tracking)

  • To track a mobile number, you’re going to use your iPhone’s GPS.
  • Through this app, you can locate another iPhone and see the owner’s activities within the past twelve hours.
  • It is a permission-based system that lets you accept or deny other iPhone owners to follow you.
  • There are GPS options so you can minimize the usage of your iPhone’s battery.
  • The registration is quick and easy.
  • You can locate stolen or lost iPhones.
  • The downside to this is that you still need to ask permission from the person you want to follow. So, if your child doesn’t want you to know his whereabouts, he or she can easily reject your permission.


  • This app is a GPS tracker that runs not only in iPhones but also in Windows and Android.
  • It shares your situation in real-time. This means that your family and friends following you can view what you’re doing live.
  • It tracks speed, altitude, distance, and duration.
  • It captures and uploads pictures while monitoring.
  • It can setup race troops that monitor numerous participants.
  • It’s the perfect app for activities such as hiking, running, biking, and even for road trips!
  • You can control your track records in your LocaToWeb account.
  • Before you can install the app, you need to purchase it first at $2.49, which is excellent for your budget.

GPS Location Tracker by FollowMee

  • Followmee’s GPS Location Tracker app will convert your Windows, iOS, or Android mobile device into a GPS tracking tool.
  • To track someone, you’ll have to install the app on their mobile phones.
  • You can follow their location through their website.
  • For the paid version, you’ll be able to see their whereabouts in the last three days.
  • For the free version, you can only see the current location.
  • They offer the Extended History, which lets you monitor the person ranging from two weeks to three years, depending on your subscription.
  • You can monitor more than one device. If you’re using it for business, it’s recommended that you use one account for all your mobile units. This way, you view all these devices in a single map.
  • The mobile tracking app supports Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.
  • It’s common for free apps to serve ads when you install them. But, not this one! They don’t serve ads on their mobile tracking app and website.
  • You can set up a group for your mobile devices. You can view the map by a group and even let others see your group of mobile devices.
  • You can add another user as a delegating account. This user will be allowed to view the location of your device. This feature, along with the grouped devices, will let the maintenance manager account to have access only on the mobile units of the maintenance group, and the sales manager can only have access to those of the sales group.
  • The Login Token feature lets employees set up the mobile app without revealing your account’s credentials.

How to Detect if You’re Being Monitored

While many of us want to monitor our loved ones and employees, it’s a different story when it comes to us being monitored or spied on. As much as we love these mobile tracking and spy apps, we don’t want them to be used on us. Let’s face it: As grown-ups, we want to keep our lives private most of the time.

You might be thinking you’re not at risk since you’re not a public figure. But, it’s not only businessmen, politicians, and celebrities who are vulnerable to being spied on. In case you didn’t know, spying on mobile devices is very common today.

Your employer or manager might be spying on you to see what you’ve been doing on your shift. Your wife might be tracking your location to see what you’ve been up to while you were away. You might be a teenager who has overprotective parents, and they might have been spying on you since you left the house. The list goes on.

So, is it possible to notice if our mobile devices are being tracked?

The good news is, yes, it’s possible. Here’s how:

Observe your cell phone’s behavior. Your mobile device will perform some unusual behaviors if a tracking or a spy app has been installed. You can quickly identify the changes once you see them happening. Some of these unusual behaviors are:

  • Displays unusual icons.
  • Randomly shuts down even when your battery is full.
  • The screen turns on randomly.
  • Produces random signals.
  • Your GPS is always on.
  • Even when your mobile device is on standby, it’s still using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks.

Observe your battery. When a mobile tracking app is installed on your mobile device, the battery is going to work at least twice as hard when it’s on standby mode. These apps will drain your battery quickly. If you’ve noticed you’ve been charging your phone more often; there’s a chance that you’re being monitored.

Observe your data usage. If your data usage has dramatically increased, it’s likely that someone is spying on you. The latest mobile phones now can show you a summary of your data usage. If you don’t have this feature, you can download one on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Jailbreaking and rooting. If your mobile device went through jailbreaking and rooting, and you have nothing to do with it, it may be because a spy or mobile tracking app has been recently installed.

What to Do When You’re Being Spied On

It won’t be impossible for anyone to be a victim of scam or hacking. So, it is better to prevent it from happening. However, if you find out that someone is spying on you, the first thing you should do is stay calm. Don’t panic! It’s a relief that you’re aware now that your mobile phone is being tracked.

  • Try to delete the app. If it’s a spy app, you might not be able to remove it as it will require the login accounts of the person spying on you.
  • Try to reset to factory settings. Hopefully, this will work.
  • Perform a rundown to make sure that the tracking application is gone.


Have you lost your mobile phone? Or probably want to trace someone who’s miles far from you? Whatever reason you have in mind, it is important that you keep yourself informed for your safety and security.

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you use a mobile tracking or spy app. You can track a mobile number, and you can be updated all the time with their current activities and location. But, if you don’t want to be spied on, keep your phones close to you all the time, and if you need to leave it, lock your phone and activate a password. This way, no one can access your phone and install it with a tracking app.