How To Make Money Online With Quora – Easy Guide

How To Make Money Online With Quora - Easy GuideAre you looking for a step by step guide to making money online from home without investment? Then you are at the right place, here in this guide, I will show a quick way to make money online by writing the articles on Quora.

As we already know that making money online is not a very easy task. It requires a lot of skills and time to build the audience for your products and services.

Although, some smart peoples find out several ways to make money without investment by just writing articles on Quora which does not require much time. And I am also one of them.

And in this guide, I will show you the exact blueprint by which you can also make money online.

Step 1: Find the best affiliate program

The very first thing which you need to do is that find out the best affiliate program for which product you need to promote. There is some best affiliate program available on the web that mentioned below:

1. Amazon associates
2. Flipkart affiliate program
3. Snapdeal affiliate program
4. Bluehost/HostGator affiliate programAll the money making program that I mentioned above are the best. You can make a lot of money from them. The commission range varies from 1% to 15% of e-commerce marketplace. And the commission from the hosting company may provide your 50$ (approx 3000 RS) per sale.

But before jumping to the 2nd process, let me tell you something about how e-commerce affiliate program works.

The process of these programs are so simple; you just need to create an account on their member’s portal. And after that, they will provide a simple tracking link as below

They will provide you the different unique links for every product. Now whenever someone buy a product through your link, you will make money.

So, you also need to create an account with anyone of the affiliate program and then create an affiliate link for a product. And then keep safe the same in Notepad.

Step 2: Find a relevant question on Quora

Suppose, you choose a product which you want to promote. I have opted for the below product (with tracking link),

“Lenovo Yoga laptop.”

Now I need to find a relevant question on Quora. For finding a best popular question, you just need to type the following phrase on Google search (without quotes),

“best Lenovo yoga laptop – Quora”

Now, at the top of the page of google search, you will see a link pointed to Quora. See below picture

How To Make Money Online With Quora - Easy Guide

Now, click on the very first link.

Now you have been navigated to the question page.

Step 3: Make a great review on ‘best Lenovo yoga laptop.’

Now, what you need to do.

Very simple. Write an epic review on the topic “best Lenovo yoga laptop” because people will buy the product only after reading your great review.

Now the trick, after writing your best review, add your affiliate link (which you have kept on Notepad) at the end of the article.

Now, whenever someone visit the product page through your affiliate link and bought the product. You will get paid.

How much?

The commission rates are 1% to 15%.. It varies from product to product. When you get signed up with anyone of the e-commerce marketplace, then they will provide you a list of the products with commission rate.

Suppose, 50 peoples bought the Lenovo laptop through your affiliate link, and commission rate is 3% (because of electronic item), then the amount of commission would be,

Product price = 41,990 INR

Bought by = 50 peoples
Commission rate = 3%

Your profit, (41,990 * 3%) * 50 = 62,985 is your commission.

That’s it. This is the way “I am making money online by writing articles on Quora.’

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