IPL Live – Top 7 Apps and Websites to Watch full IPL Live

The 11th edition of the Indian Premier League has just begun. People from all corners of the country want to make sure they get every bit of it. The IPL has been scheduled to go on until 27th May. The time from now to 27th May is going to be a tough time for us. We will need to catch the IPL at home, sneak the game in into the office, or stay hooked to the television set at home.

Watch live

What is the point of watching a sports event after seeing the reaction of the people who have already watched it? The thrill is gone. You already know what happened, only the visual is new. You deserve more than that. You deserve magic at your doorstep.

We all want to catch the IPL from our bedroom, kitchen, while on a bus, from anywhere and everywhere. Here are some mobile apps that will bring IPL 2018 to you, live.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar is the most popular live video streaming app in India. You get daily soaps to the latest sports coverage, everything on Hotstar. Hotstar did not take much time to shoot to success since its launch in 2015. In three years, Hotstar has been downloaded over 100 million times. The app has more than 100 ads on its platform. The IPL 2018 is available on Hotstar with negligible interruption. In its first year, Hotstar had a record 200 million views of the 8th edition of the IPL.

This year, the app might break its own records. It started out as a website but the mobile app is totally popular with both, Windows and Android users. If you don’t already have Hotstar, download it today!

You can watch highlights for free on Hotstar here; however, you still will have to pay around Rs.299 to watch live matches.

2. Jio TV

Avail all the benefits of having Jio Prime. Watch the IPL all day with the Jio live stream facility. You will get the watch every moment of the IPL as clearly and just as soon as the people at the stadium see it. In fact, with the Jio TV app, you will see things more clearly than the people at the stadium. Once you start using Jio TV for your live IPL updates, you will find it very difficult to switch to anything else because Jio TV is so convenient to use.


3. Cricbuzz

You get every live update about the ongoing IPL on Cricbuzz. You need information, you go to Cricbuzz. This is the only place everything you have to ask about cricket, is served on a platter within seconds. You know the information you get here is never wrong. Cricbuzz always keeps you updated on the things you are most interested in. This popular website offers way more than just live sports.

4. Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket is another very reliable app for live cricket streaming. The speed is perfect. There is no lag. If you are one of those people who gets so engrossed in cricket that you have no idea about your actual physical surroundings at the moment, you will like the dedicated streaming from Yahoo Cricket. You get follow up on the IPL, and you get to watch the players clearly, in all their glory, sitting at home. The app is available for Android, here.

5. Airtel TV App

The Airtel TV app is one of the few free IPL streaming platforms in 2018. Airtel is sure giving its takers enough reasons to stay. With the Airtel TV app, you do not need to give any additional charges to watch the IPL live stream. You get to watch the entire match, every day. All you have to do is register your phone number on the Airtel TV app. There is no hidden cost whatsoever. Airtel’s comeback in the market is heavily dependent on its TV app. Here is where you find the app for your Android phone.

6. ESPN CricInfo

The Android app available here offers everything from the matches to the auctions, and behind the scenes. You get live updates about everything related to cricket and the IPL for the coming weeks on ESPN CricInfo. You get everything at a single click on your mobile phone. Open the app and everything going on with the current IPL will be right in front of you.


7. Star Sports Live

Dedicated to cricket, this Star Sports TV app is a reliable platform to get live IPL on for 2018. Download the app for Android with this link. You will get everything related to the IPL within this app. Just look close enough. You will not want to miss any new post. Keep looking. If you are not at the stadium, you should be here.

These are some of the top mobile apps that will bring the IPL 2018 to you. They are all popular and genuine apps you can totally rely on. You are not going to get too many free websites or apps to watch the live IPL streaming on, this year. But the Reliance JIO and Airtel TV apps are two of the free apps and websites. Your money spent on the paid apps will be worth it too.

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