How to install Unsigned Apk file on Android device : 3 ways

install unsigned apk on android
If you are downloading Android app or games from a third party site other than Google play store, then you may find that the application is not installing on your device. And your smartphone is throwing an error viz; ‘X Application not installed‘.

Sometimes, the problem can be easily solved by enabling the ‘Unknown Source‘ from the settings menu. But the solution may not be work all the time or on all the devices.

The reason behind this problem may be the following:
1. Apk signed certificate clash
2. Unacceptable Apk name

What is the difference between signed and unsigned apk?

There is only a minor difference in both the version of the application. The signed app contains an extra folder i.e. ‘META-INF’ which also contains the following,


So, here I will explain you three excellent ways to install unsigned app on your rooted, non-rooted device. The following solution also works on BlueStacks.

How to install unsigned APK on rooted phones?

  1. The very first thing, you need to do that root your android device.
  2. Now, download and install Busybox [you can find this app on Google play store].
  3. Then Download and install Lucky Patcher.[Note: Lucky Patcher is a wonderful application which can be used to hack any applications, block ads on any android device without root.]
  4. Now Launch the lucky patcher app and wait until it gets refreshed.
  5. Now, a menu will appear where you can see your installed applications. Then tap on ‘Tool Box‘ See below pictureinstall unsigned app using lucky patcher
  6. Now, a pop up menu will appear then tap on ‘Patch to Android‘. see below picture,install unsigned apk file on android using lucky patcher
  7. Now tick on the “Signature Verification status always true” and “Disable .apk Signature Verfication“.
  8. And then click on apply. see below image,install unsigned apk on android device using lucky patcher
  9. That’s it.

How to install unsigned apk on Android without root?

Rooting and android device will void your warranty. So, if you  do not want to root your device then here is a 100% working solution to sign an unsigned apk file.

  1. First of all, download and install Zipsigner app from Google play store.
  2. Launch the app and afterwards you will be taken out to the app dashboard.
  3. Then tap, choose input file and then tap on Sign the file. see below picture,zipsigner - install unsigned apk on android device
  4. That’s it.

How to convert unsigned app to signed app using Eclipse?

1. First of all, download, install and lauch Eclipse on your windows computer. You can also install Eclipse ony our Mac or any other operating system.

2. Now launch the application and then open the app as a project in eclipse.

3. Then right click on the mouse and then navigate to tools android signed applications.

4. And then follow the wizard.

5. And then Make a new key-store. Remember that password.

6. Now, you can sign your app.

7. Don’t forget to save the app.

8. That’s it. watch the below video