How To Install Android App APK on Samsung Tizen OS Device

install android app apk on samsung tizen os device
Samsung, a reputed company, has now launched their own Linux based operating system i.e. Tizen OS. One of the most important features of Tizen operating system is that it supports HTML5. It means that now HTML5 games and app will run on your smartphone very smoothly. And the disadvantage is that there are very few communities which working on the development of Tizen OS.

If you are also an Android user, then you are familiar with Root which is an extra privilege to install custom firmware.

You can also root your Tizen OS using Kingroot (one click root method) by which you can get root access to your smartphone and then you can enjoy the following privileges:

1. Recover your WiFi password
2. Change IMEI and device ID
3. Install lucky patcher to block ads
4. Link2sd To increase RAM and internal memory.

So here in this tutorial, I will show you step by step guide to install an Android application on your device quickly:

How to install Android app on Tizen OS

  1. First of all, launch Tizen store on your Tizen device.
  2. Now, search for ACL for Tizen and download and install this application.
  3. Now launch the application and then go to settings and then tap on enabled. Now the basic settings have been done.

Installation of Android app:

Now navigate to Tizen store and download your favorite app like WhatsApp or Facebook and then install the app as usual.
The above the guide is 100% working on all Tizen OS devices. Now, you can install popular android applications like a messenger.

I hope that the above step by step guide helped you to sort out of your problem of installing android application on your Tizen device.


  • Travis Mc Farland

    I have a Samsung Z2!
    Now please understand that I am a huge Samsung Mobile fan? HUGE!
    My Samsung Z2 and this Tizen OS have been nothing but the cause of much frustration, wasted time and I am about to actually give it to somebody as a revenge gift.
    What is going on?!
    Can this Tizen Store commit to offering Samsung users the courtesy of being user-friendly?
    My Samsung S5 is in my wardrobe but due to the screen replacements being sooooo expensive I’m literally forced to use Z2 due to my retrenchment in 2017.
    I am very disappointed in this Nazi Like Tizen OS enforcing their limited abilities on paying customers.

  • Thilikeni Abraham Sekgotlaboraga

    I’m using Samsung z4 and I’m searching for ACL on Tizen store but I can’t find it. How do I download it from other sources? And if I do that will it be installed and work properly?

  • Roxanne Hadiaris

    hello i cannot see any acl on the store please could you assist.

  • Hi may u please help me . How to download capitec remote banking app and fnb internet banking. I am using Samsung Z2

    When i download from other source it says , the app is compitable for this device.

    Please help me.

    Regards Frederick

  • Tlhopego Ndlovu

    My z4 can not connect to the internet because of the DNS

  • Same here. When i try the FNB app it says installed. It asks you to select a device which you want to download onto , But there is no choice as it only gives me the option of choosing my current phone with the the app. I cant select the Z4 coz its not there

  • Will the above solution work for a video streaming application like Terrarium TV?