Infolinks Review – Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

If you are a dedicated blogger, you will find lots of ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing, Adsense programs, direct ads selling. And, if your blog is generating the lots of traffic per month then you may be using a combination of ads network for monetizing your blog and website. Suppose, banner ads fill all your ad slots and there is no place to adjust a new ad network and there may be that your blog is rejected by the best ads network like Adsense, Buysellads. And, you are worried about your earnings.

If yes, then you no need to worry. Infolinks is one the best ads monetizing programs that accept all kinds of blogs including hacking and cracking & adult sites and the approval process is too easy. The best thing about it that it can be directly compared with Google Adsense programs due to the following reasons,

 1. High CPM(Cost per impression) and CPC (Cost per click) that means it will not only pay you for per click but also for page impression. Sometimes, Visitors does not click on the banners and at that point of time page impression works great because you will get paid only by page views.

 2. All the hacking & cracking sites falls under the negative list of term and conditions of Adsense but in Infolinks programs there is no any such conditions.

3. The monthly payout of Adsense is US $100 dollar and it does not offer for Paypal payment. On Infolinks, minimum payout is US $50 dollar and it provides payment via Paypal.

4. Infolinks recently launched their referral program. If, someone sign up with your recommended link, you will get 10% commission of their earnings for the whole year. After sign up only, you will be eligible for this option.

How to Sign up for Infolinks Program?

The sign-up process of Infolinks is too easy, you just need to fill up a simple form. you can also sign-up with you Facebook and gmail so that you can login to your account more easily and securely. click here to join

What kind of ad units Infolinks Provide?

Infolinks currently provide 5 kinds of ads units as given below,

   1. In-text: Unlike Adsense, Infolinks does not require any ad space onto your blogger or website to display ads. The process is totally different from banner ads. Infolinks just need to scan your whole blog post and when they find any profitable keywords then they automatically convert them into a link. When a visitor hovers on the link then a popup ad will appear or displayed and you will get paid. For example, see below,

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2. In tags: tag unit will appear on the bottom of the blog posts or at the top. You can also have an option to add this unit anywhere on the blog just by adding this HTML code to your blogger template area. 

Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

3. In fold:

Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

4. In iFrame: This ad unit will appear on the sidebar of the blog or website. But, here you can also have an option to display only one or both of them.


Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

5. In-Screen: The currently updated ad unit will display on screen as popup banner. You will have the control of this unit. You can display this ad unit upon entrance, exit of the visitors and on the internal page of the blog or website.


Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

Is Infolinks Compatible with Mobile Devices?

Yes, of course. It is fully compatible with mobile devices. Not only desktop visitors but also mobile visitors will able to view the ads.

Is Infolinks a Scam ad network?

Of course, No. Infolinks maintaining a large number of publisher and advertisers. And, they pay on time, here is the payment proof of Infolinks.  click here
Final Words:- A per the above review, we find that Infolinks is one of the best alternatives of Adsense. It pays on time, deliver high-quality ads units, referral programs available for 10% commission per month for the whole year. It provides easy integration with Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. You can also add it into any website using universal JavScript code.
* Universal JavScript code can be integrated into any website.
Recently, Google flagged all the blogs as malware infected which were using Bidvertiser ads network for monetization purpose. On the Google help forum, A large number of publishers or professional bloggers recommended for Infolinks due to this vast popularity and High CPC and CPM rate. Sign up from here
Thanks for reading this. I hope this review will helpful for you to choose the best for your blogs and website. If, any question coming to your mind then must comment below. Your comment will be helpful for other bloggers.

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