Recover Lost Aadhaar Number (UID)

If you have accidentally lost or misplaced your Aadhaar card, you have two options to get it back.

  1. Download a duplicate Aadhaar copy online
  2. Contact UIDAI to get a duplicate Aadhaar card

How to download a duplicate Aadhaar copy online

This is a completely valid solution for those, who have lost their original Aadhaar card. You can take a print out of the downloaded PDF copy of your Aadhaar card. It holds the same value as the original card and can be used similarly. Those people, who have applied for an Aadhaar card but not received it yet, can also download E-Aadhaar online, given that it has already been generated. To make sure, you can check Aadhaar status online.

In order to download E-Aadhaar card online, you will need your EID/UID or registered phone number.

If you have lost or do not have your Aadhaar number (UID) and enrolment number (EID), you can retrieve them back by following the steps below.

Step 1: First open UIDAI website and click on “Retrieve Lost UID/EID” link in the options.

Step 2: On the next page, choose whether you want to retrieve your Aadhaar number (UID) or Enrolment number (EID) and then, enter your details including your Full Name, Email or Mobile number, etc. Click on “Send One Time Password” button to receive OTP on your mobile.

Step 3: Enter that OTP to retrieve your EID or UID. Now, follow the steps from the first method to download E-Aadhaar using enrolment number or Aadhaar number.

How to request for a duplicate Aadhaar card

If you need the physical copy of your original Aadhaar card, you will have to contact UIDAI on their toll free number or email address mentioned below.

UIDAI phone number: 1800-300-1947

UIDAI contact email id:

When you call the toll free number, you may be asked to verify your Aadhaar details. Once done, you can explain to them how you lost your Aadhaar card and why you need the original copy. Or you can explain the same thing by writing an email to the above mentioned email id. Upon successful verification of your details, a UIDAI representative will explain the process of retrieving a lost Aadhaar card/number.

Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Aadhaar enrolment center with the same documents as required for a new Aadhaar application. Locate your nearest Aadhar center and apply for a duplicate copy of the original Aadhaar card.

Note: The online copy (e-Aadhaar) is equally valid and acceptable as the original Aadhaar card.

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