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Check your Indian Railway PNR Status now in our site for free. Just fill the text box above with your PNR Number and click on "Check" to get your status. If the tool doesn't work, simply message 139 with your PNR number to get the status.

Status Codes and Their Meanings
Code Meaning
CNF Ticket has been confirmed
CAN/MOD Ticket has been cancelled
CK Tatkal booking
CKWL Tatkal booking waiting list
WL Ticket is in waiting list
RAC Reservation against cancellation; if someone cancels their confirmed ticket, you get their seat.
REGRET/WL No more booking permitted
GNWL General waiting list; can only travel with confirmed status.
PQWL Pooled quota waiting list

Trains are unarguably the most common mode of transport. This is especially true when it comes to long-distance travelling, as in India, there aren't any other effective modes of transport available that the common man can afford.

Also, trains are also considered to be a very effective and inexpensive mode of transport, unlike air travel that can be effective but expensive, or road travel that can be inconvenient and relatively expensive.

Checking Your PNR status

However, while travelling by train, you also need to keep a track of your PNR status, only if your ticket isn't confirmed, of course. The status might change when people with confirmed tickets cancel them.

So in other words, you would want to check your PNR status quite a few times before the day of travel if the ticket's status is RAC or waiting. While a RAC status would be quicker to confirm, "waiting" may take longer, and sometimes, you may even have to settle for RAC status, as not all waiting tickets get confirmed.

Using Our Tool

Now, while there's the official Indian Railways website that allows you to check your ticket's PNR status, it can sometimes be very slow and confusing. Similarly, the official online ticket booking website also allows you to check your PNR status, but only if you have booked the ticket online, and using the official website and not the third-party ones.

However, if you're looking for a more convenient, easier and effective way of tracking your PNR status, you may want to consider using third-party website like ours. We allow you to check your PNR status by simply entering your PNR number, and our tool hardly takes any time in coming up with your updated, latest PNR status.

You can check your current PNR status by simply entering your 10-digit PNR number in the box above. However, do note that you need to put the PNR number in the box without the hyphen (-).

What exactly is PNR status?

Well, although most of you probably already know what a PNR status is, we think it may be still turn out to be useful for some if we explain the term in detail. This may especially come in handy for foreigners who come to visit India and may know much about the railway system in India and how it works.

With that being said, PNR is a short form of 'Passenger Name Record'. It's basically a number that's saved in the database of the Indian Railways, along with all the ticket details including the number of passengers travelling as well as their name and age.

In other words, whenever you book a ticket, online or otherwise, the Indian Railways system instantly generates a 10-digit PNR number and stores all your details with the number in its database. It then keeps updating the status of the ticket depending on the number of confirmed passengers cancelling their tickets, and you need to use this PNR to check your latest status.

Even details other than the basic ones like name and age are saved, such as the gender, date and time of travel, the train name, and more. However, you don't need to be worried about your privacy while using third-party services or sharing your PNR with others, as while checking the PNR, only the ticket's status (whether confirmed, RAC or waiting) will be shown, and instead of the passengers' names, they will be listed as "Passenger 1", "Passenger 2", and so on.

None of the other details, including the age, gender, etc will be shown, so you need not be worried about your privacy while using any third-party services for checking your PNR status or even sharing your PNR with others.

Where's the PNR listed on the ticket?

Indian Railway Ticket

You can find the PNR at the top-left corner of your ticket, but it would usually also include a hyphen (-). However, while checking the status, you need not include the hyphen in the number. If you do, the tool or even the official website may show an error.

Different Ways of Checking Your PNR Status

There are many different ways of checking whether your ticket has been confirmed or still in RAC or waiting. They are listed below:

  • Using different websites, including the official and third-party ones
  • Sending an SMS to the Indian Railways official number that allows you to check your PNR by sending you a reply with your ticket's current status
  • There are also many mobile applications out there that allow you to check your ticket's current status
  • There's also obviously the age-old traditional way of checking your current status by inquiring at a counter on a railway station
  • Finally, the final reservation charts that are put up on every compartment of the train list all the details of passengers that would be travelling in them

Using Websites to Check Your PNR's Current Status

Checking your PNR using a website has probably become the most common way of doing a PNR check. This is perhaps because nowadays pretty much everyone has access to the internet, and the other ways of checking PNR may not be as effective, reliable or inexpensive (this one's usually free, considering you got an internet plan).

The below given are some of the best websites that you can use for checking your PNR's current status:

> PNR Status Checker is an unofficial website that allows its users to check their ticket's current status quickly and easily. It's also very reliable, unlike some other websites that are known for having many bugs and errors.

Also, using our website, you would be able to get the most updated, latest status, thanks to our program being quite accurate and effective at pulling data from the servers.

> Indian Railways

The official website of Indian Railways is It also allows you to check your PNR status.

Usually, the only difference may be that you have to put in a captcha as well, which may get a little tricky at times, and also that it may get considerably slower sometimes owing to high pressure on its servers.


IRCTC is basically a part of the official Indian Railways website, but it works as a different one that allows users to book railway tickets online.

While you can check your ticket's latest status using this website, there are a certain conditions for it. Firstly, the ticket needs to be booked using the website, as there's no option of putting in a PNR number to check its status.

Secondly, you also need to login into the website to check the status, which can obviously be a little time-consuming and inconvenient, especially given that sometimes you have to check the status of your PNR number every now and then.

Checking Your PNR Using the SMS Service

Indian railways had also come up with the SMS service long ago, as back then, internet wasn't as commonly accessible as it is nowadays. It still works fine, though, and may turn out to be especially useful for those without any internet access.

The following are the two different SMS services that can be used to get your current PNR status:

> The 139 SMS Service

This service was initially launched by IRCTC to offer a convenient way of checking PRN for its users. To use this service, you need to send an SMS with your PNR to the number 139 in the below format.

PNR <your 10-digit PNR number>

This service is apparently available across different mobile carriers, including Airtel, Aircel, MTNL, LOOP, IDEA, and more.

> The 5676747 SMS Service

Everything about this service is pretty much the same as the above one, except that it's offered by railZone. It may come in handy too when the above one doesn't work for you for some reason.

Using Mobile Applications for Checking PNR

Nowadays, you can find loads of mobile apps for checking your PNR. They are all available on Google PlayStore.

However, be a little careful while downloading them, as some of them may try to spam you, while some others may not be very privacy-friendly.

Inquiring at a Railway Station Counter

This is obviously pretty simple and self-explanatory. However, if you're new to it, you may want to first find out which railway stations have counters that answer your ticket-related inquiries, especially when it comes to big cities like Mumbai.

Checking the Final Reservation Chart

Final reservation charts are put on every compartment of a train before it departs. However, as it's usually prepared just two to three hours before the departure, you can only use it to check your ticket's status while boarding the train and not before.

A Final Word

Finally, after going through everything that has been shared above, we can easily conclude that using websites like this one may be the most convenient and reliable way of checking your PNR status.

However, you may want to make sure that the website you use functions properly and doesn't provide outdated status. Once you're sure about it, you can continue using it for all your future train journeys.