Change Aadhaar Card Details Online and Offline

The Aadhaar card can be made through an online application or by visiting one of the Aadhaar enrollment centers. Since Aadhaar application is a manual process, mistakes can be made in name, spellings, address details, phone numbers, etc. while filling in the application form online/offline.

If you have made a mistake in your Aadhaar application or want to change/update any Aadhaar card information, you are allowed to do the same. UIDAI lets you update or change Aadhaar information online and offline.

How to Update Aadhaar Card Name and/or Address

You can now easily change/update your Aadhaar name, gender, Email id or address details online by using your Aadhaar registered phone number. If you do not have a registered phone number, you first need to update/register your current Aadhaar phone number through any enrollment center. Then you can easily Update/Change Aadhaar Card Address online or offline.

The same process can also be used to update any other personal information like gender, email id, and name.

Follow the complete process here.

How to update/change Photograph in Aadhaar Card

If there is something wrong with your current Aadhaar card photo or you just don’t like it, you can get it changed easily. Aadhaar card photo change application can be registered via any Aadhaar enrolment center or via post.

To change your Aadhaar card photo, you will have to visit the nearest enrolment center and fill an application form there. Another alternative is to download the Aadhar correction form online and send it along with your new photo to the regional UIDAI address.

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Update/Change Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

It is very important that you have a valid and working mobile number registered with your Aadhaar card. UIDAI will send an OTP to this registered number every time you want to access your online Aadhaar database to update any detail or just to check the status of your Aadhaar card.

You can update your Aadhaar mobile number online or offline by following a simple process. You must have access to your already registered Aadhaar phone number to receive the OTP for updating any detail online. If not, you can update the phone number by visiting an offline enrolment center.

Follow the complete process here.

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