Best Android and iOS Apps for Income Tax Payment and eFiling in India

Income Tax Payments used to be a long process of waiting in line just to pay your taxes. With the dawn of the digital age, that process has been refashioned to be within reach of your fingertips. That right, it’s easier now than ever to file and pay for your taxes using your iOS or Android device. We’ve scoured the App Store and Play Store to come up with the Best Android and iOS Apps for Income Tax Payment and eFiling in India. The various developers of these Apps have really made sure that all of the information is with you and you’re not left in the dark when you’re going to pay for your taxes.

Let’s get started!

Aaykar Setu App

The Income Tax Department of India itself has embraced the digital era and made an app of its own. With this app you’ll be able to:

  • Locate a Tax Return Preparer near you
  • Tools for calculating your taxes
  • ASK IT – A ChatBot
  • Tax Gyaan – A Game
  • and a lot more

You can download the app by going to this page ( and scan the QR code on screen to go straight to the app. Alternatively, you can ring their phone at +91-7306525252 and they’ll send you an SMS to download the app.

ClearTax App

The ClearTax App makes it easier to e-File your income tax returns in India. The features of this app are:

  • e-File you tax returns in minutes.
  • Check your Income Tax Refund Status with just your PAN number & Date of Birth
  • Calculate Income Tax for current and next financial year (as per the new Budget changes)
  • Invest in mutual funds
  • Generate beautiful and functional rent receipts to claim HRA benefits

You can download the app by following this link (

All India ITR app

The whole name of the app is Income Tax Return filing App by All India ITR in case that you’d like to search for it. Here are its features:

  • E-filing ITR in few simple steps.
  • File your ITR in 2 Minutes.
  • Calculate your Income tax returns as per the latest financial act.
  • Calculate HRA exemption for the current and next year as per the Income Tax Act.
  • Generate and download rent receipt without any difficulty.
  • Update yourself with the latest news and modification in Income Tax Act.
  • Share your feedback directly for the betterment of all.
  • Upload documents for Chartered Accountant (CA) Assisted Filing.

You can download the app by following this link (

Hello Tax app

Hello Tax is another excellent app to file for your taxes and it has a nice UI to boot. Here are the features:

  • Quick File ITR
  • Quick Refund Status
  • Transaction History
  • Tax Calculator
  • Pancard Details
  • Document storage

You can download the app by following this link (

My IT Return app

MyITreturn allows you to file your income tax return and stay updated with all you income-tax information. The features of this app are:

  • Tax Calculator
  • Refund Status
  • HRA Rent Receipt generator

You can download the app by following this link (

These apps will definitely make it easier for you to keep up with your Income Tax Payments and the fact that you can file everything through your mobile is the icing on top of the cake. As responsible taxpayers, you don’t have to be bound to a computer or wait in line like the old times. Just pick an app that appeals to you and you’ll have a lot of time left for yourself. Happy filing!

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