How To Unlock Android Mobile or Tab Password Protected

Hello Friends, Today, I am going to tell you How to unlock your Android pattern lock if you forgot the password .You can also use this tutorial to unlock any Android device i.e. Android mobile and Tab.

Note : – Because, it is a hard reset, First Backup all your Data from mobile. And remove your Memory card and Sim card.

If you don’t know how to backup then click on the below topic 

 “How to backup & Restore Android Mobile and Tab” 

How to /

1. First Switch Off your android mobile.

2. Relieve from a fraction as soon as you see the screen display in  ‘Android Mobile ‘ again press the these 3 keys simultaneously.

3.  Now, you will see a screen displaying “ Android System Recovery “.

4.  Now, select the 3rd option [‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset‘] using the volume key and Press the center menu key.

5.  Now, select the Option  “Yes”  using the same key.

6.  Now, after sometime , it will say the “Reset”  is done.

7.  Now, Select the “Reboot/Restart” option. Now your phone is Unlocked.

 Note : –
 If you not found the 4th option ” Wipe Data/Factory Reset ” then apply this step in lieu of 4th option :  [Down Volume key + Menu Key + Power Key].

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