How to Track a Mobile Phone in Pakistan

Mobile phones have become extremely prevalent all over the world. There are well over 150 million mobile phone users in Pakistan, according to a report by Statista. Another report on the same website also quotes mobile smartphone penetration in Pakistan to have been around 43%, in 2019. The report also predicts that the number of smartphone users in Pakistan is set to grow to 51% by 2020, marking an incredible five-fold rise in smartphone usage since 2014.

Despite the increasing usage, the figures are still way behind other developing countries. The main reason that the majority of mobile phone subscribers tend to use a basic phone instead of an expensive smartphone is the rising instances of theft and burglary.


In this article, you will learn all you need to know about what to do when your mobile phone is stolen, what to do when your mobile phone is lost and also what to do when a mobile number is harassing you.

What to do when your mobile phone is stolen

There has been a significant increase in crimes that report mobile phones being targeted by thieves. People tend to get their mobile phones, especially smartphones stolen from their homes, at shopping places, out on the streets due to the rampant crime in the country.

If, unfortunately, you do find yourself in a situation when your mobile phone is being stolen it is always important to remember that resisting the theft is not worth risking your well-being or life. Remember, that there are simple and effective solutions to take action on when your mobile phone is stolen.

The CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee) has an official website that is useful in not only verifying the genuineness of an unknown mobile phone number it also helps to retrieve snatched or stolen mobile phones as well as block the mobile completely if it is not recoverable. There are over 1 million entries of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers stolen or lost in Pakistan stored in the CPLC database from the past over ten years. The CPLC website is an excellent and official way to take action if your mobile phone gets stolen or snatched from you at any time and anywhere.

According to experts, there are four efficient ways you can get in touch with the officials and ensure that the proper steps are taken to either retrieve or block your stolen mobile phone from being misused.

Here is what to do when your mobile phone is stolen:

1 – Report Stolen Phone on CPLC Website

This is how you can report your stolen mobile phone in Pakistan and have it blocked to prevent misuse by contacting the CPLC website –

  1. Enter the correct IMEI number of your stolen mobile phone in the blank field provided to users on the official CPLC website.

Once the CPLC website has the IMEI number of your stolen mobile phone, it instantly forwards the information to the PTA. The PTA then issues a notice to every mobile phone network service provider in Pakistan. The service providers automatically block all services to the specified mobile phone. This renders the stolen mobile phone useless to the thief.

2 – Report Stolen Phone by calling CPLC

If you are not too internet-savvy or do not have access to the internet at the time of the theft, then you can also choose to report stolen phone by calling CPLC Helpline which operates 24/7. This is what to do when your mobile phone gets stolen and you have to report the stolen phone to CPLC, simply call the number:

  • 1102 021 35662222 or call on
  • 1102 021 35682222

Follow the voice instructions, enter the relevant information and confirm your stolen mobile phone report has been entered for processing.

3 – Report Stolen Phone directly to Police

There is a chance that you may not be able to remember the website or helpline numbers for CPLC at the time of theft. Hence, you can simply choose to call the local police station to report a stolen phone directly to the police.

The number to report stolen phone to your local police authority is:

  • 15

This is the direct number for calling the Rescue 15 unit of the local police. Calling on this phone number to report stolen phone to police will help expedite the process to block your snatched mobile phone in Pakistan incredibly faster and can even help to retrieve the stolen phone in many fortunate cases.

4 – Report Stolen Phone to PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority)

However, if you have already reported the crime to the CPLC or the local police and wish to ensure that concrete steps are taken to solve it, then you can also choose to call the Pakistan Telecom Authority helpline directly and report your stolen phone to be blocked.

This is how you can easily report stolen phone to PTA by calling on their round-the-clock helpline number at:

  • 0800 25625

Once you provide the IMEI and other relevant information of your snatched mobile phone, the PTA will automatically send out notices to all mobile service providers in Pakistan, requesting them to immediately stop all services to the reported mobile phone using the IMEI number provided.

What to do when your mobile phone is lost

Here are the two steps you need to know about what to do when your mobile phone is lost:

  1. Call/contact CPLC and provide the IMEI and other relevant information required of your lost mobile phone.
  2. Call your local police station or use the Rescue 15 number to report your mobile phone being lost.

Reporting the loss of your mobile phone to CPLC first ensures that your mobile phone is blocked to prevent misuse and the report of the incident to the police will eventually help to search and retrieve your lost mobile phone.

What to do when a mobile number is harassing you

There are thousands of men and women who are simply fed up with unwanted and harassing calls throughout the day. Here are simple steps about what to do when a mobile number is harassing you:

  • Contact your mobile service operator’s helpline
  • Choose to block all unwanted calls and promotional SMS from the operator and unknown numbers

Thankfully, every mobile service provider in Pakistan offers its users the option to avoid and block numbers when a phone number is harassing you.