How To Share APK , PDF, EXE , RAR , ZIP Files Via WhatsApp

                                   How To Share  APK , PDF, EXE , RAR , ZIP  Files Via Whatsapp
We all know that we can only share Audio, video or images on whatsapp. But  now, I have solution for this, by this trick we can share all files i.e. exe, zip, pdf, apk files via WhatsApp.

Steps are given below:

 1.  First install, anyone of the below cloud share apps on your Android mobile

                              *  Dropbox

                              *  Cloudsend

 2.  Now ‘ Dropbox ‘ launch first, and Sign up or login as usual.

 3.  Now, then Install ‘Cloudsend‘.

 4.  Now, after install ‘Cloudsend‘, Now it will ask for authorization, then
Allow it.

 5.  Now, a folder viz, Cloudsend will automatically be created on Dropbox apps.

 6.  Now, close all Application.

 7.   Now, go to the file manager and choose a file which you want to share. Then long press on the file. Then select Share and choose CloudSend option.

 8.  Hold, until the file be uploaded on Cloudsend folder created on Dropbox.

9.  Now, when uploading is successful, then you will get two option.

               * Copy    ( you can copy the link of the file )

               * Share  ( by choosing this option, you can share your files via Email, Whatsapp, Wechat, Google Plus, SMS.) 

10.  Then, choose Share.

11.   Now , a prompt box will appear to choose Whatsapp contacts . With whom do you want to share your files .


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