How To Delete Friendster Account : 2 Steps

Friendster is also a social networking site like facebook , twitter and google plus. There are two ways to delete Friendster account :

1st way

1.  Log in to your Friendtster account in a new window,

2. Then,  Click here

3.  Then click on Deactivate. ( located under  Account Information area ).

4. Then, follow the instructions given by

 2nd way

1. Log in to your  FRIENDSTER  account.

2.  Then click on PROFILE ( located at upper right hand side corner ), and then click on” ACCOUNT SETTING “.

3. Then click on “DEACTIVATE “.


4.  Now , a pop up window will appear.Now Re-enter your “PASSWORD” .and then click “OK” >


5. Now, a pop up window will appear gain.Then click on  “CONTINUE DEACTIVATING MY ACCOUNT ” . done


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