How to book an Ola Cab

Ola is an online transportation company spreading its reach all over India.  With Ola, booking, renting and scheduling cabs is made easy and quick. You can book a cab without having to make any phone calls or waiting near a taxi stand. Just a few taps and clicks and you are ready to ride! This article will help you book, schedule and rent an Ola cab through the mobile application as well as through the website. Read on to know more!

How to book a cab on Ola Cabs Application

  1. Download and open the Ola Cabs App on your device.
  2. Tap on ‘BOOK YOUR RIDE’.
  3. Enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP on this number.
  4. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Allow’ which appears on a new page. You will now enter the home page.
  5. To add your pickup location, tap on ‘Pickup from’ and search your current location.
  6. To add your drop location, tap on ‘Enter drop location’ and select the desired drop location.
  7. At the bottom of the screen you can see the type of ride you’d like to travel in.
  8. To POOL a cab, tap on ‘Share’.
  9. To book a cab just for yourself, you can select ‘Micro’, ‘Mini’, or ’Prime’.To book an auto for yourself, tap on ‘Auto’.
  10. Tap on ‘RIDE NOW’. Now you will be shown all the nearby cabs on the map and your estimated cost of ride.
  11. To confirm your booking, tap on ‘Confirm Booking’. You will be shown the driver details and the cab’s number along with estimated time of arrival.
  12. To cancel a cab, tap on ‘CANCEL RIDE’ under the driver details and tap ‘CONFIRM’.

How to rent a car on Ola Cabs Application

  1. Tap on the ‘Rentals’ button at the top of your homepage.
  2. Enter the pickup location. This location is the one from where you will ride on the rented car.
  3. To rent a cab immediately, tap on ‘RIDE NOW’.
  4. Select the hours and the distance for which you want to rent a car.
  5. Select the type of car and desired budget.
  6. Tap on ‘Accept and Confirm’.
  7. To cancel the cab, tap on ‘CANCEL RIDE’ once you get the driver details. Tap on ‘ CONFIRM’ to cancel.On Website

How to book a cab on Ola Website

  1. Log onto
  2. To book a cab click on ‘City Taxi’, enter pickup and drop location. Select ‘Now’.
  3. Click on ‘Search cabs’
  4. Select cabs, pool or auto.
  5. Click on continue.
  6. Enter mobile number.
  7. Select payment method and click ‘Confirm Booking’.
  8. To cancel booking click on ‘Cancel Ride’ under driver details.

How to rent a car on Ola Website

  1. Log onto
  2. Click on ‘Rentals ’, enter pickup location and select rent time ‘Now’.
  3. Select a package
  4. Select a cab and proceed further.
  5. On the next page, click on ‘Continue’.
  6. Verify mobile number and select payment method.
  7. Click ‘Confirm Booking’ to confirm ride.
  8. To cancel the booking, click on ‘Cancel Booking’ button.

Advanced Booking

If you do not wish to travel at the moment and want to schedule a ride for later, you need to select ‘RIDE LATER’ on the mobile application and ‘Schedule for later’ on the website. You will then be asked to enter the date and time for the pickup. The driver details will be shared with you 10 minutes before the booking or pickup time.  Here’s how to book your cab in advance

  1. Open the Ola app or log onto
  2. Enter the pickup and drop location.
  3. Select ‘RIDE LATER’ or ‘Schedule for later’
  4. Enter the Date and time for which you want your pickup.
  5. Select the payment type.
  6. Tap on ‘Confirm booking’ to confirm scheduled booking.
  7. In case you want to cancel your booking, click on ‘Cancel Booking’ button.

OLA Money

If you do not wish to pay by cash or card for your ride, Ola Money payment option can be used before you confirm your booking. You need to select ‘Ola Money’ when you’re on the booking page. Ola money can also be used for your online shopping with the help of Ola Money Wallet Application. Once you make an account on this app, you need to recharge your Ola Money through your credit/debit card or Net Banking. Ola Offers help get cashbacks and discounts.

Driver Denied Duty (DDD)

When a driver fails to reach the pickup location or cancels the ride from his end then we say that the driver has denied duty. A customer can also cancel a ride if he/she has not had a good experience with the driver or the driver is not on time. A driver is allowed to deny his duty only if he provides a valid reason, failing which, he will have to face a penalty. If a customer cancels cabs repeatedly without a valid reason, they also have to pay the penalty fees on their next trip.

If you face any problem regarding your booking or payments, Ola also has its very own customer service which is available to all its customers 24/7. Ola customer service can help you get additional details and solve problems instantly.


Ola lets its users book a cab from both, mobile application and website which makes it easy and convenient for the customers. It is super easy to create an Ola account and book cabs. The cancellation feature helps both the drivers and the customers cancel rides for valid reasons. This helps Ola provide better service to its customers.  If you turn out to be a loyal customer for Ola then you might just get free rides once in a while!

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