Hello Network Review – New Social Networking Platform by Orkut’s Founder

Facebook is considered as the biggest social networking platform today but before that Orkut was the most popular social networking platform among Indian users. It had more than 300 million accounts and eventually, Orkut was bought by Google, but they closed it in October 2014 as it was not able to compete with Facebook. Its founder Orkut Büyükkökten has launched another social networking platform, ‘Hello’.

What’s Hello all about?

Hello is considered as the successor of Orkut and has been designed to help you connect with other people who share the same passion as yours. It is a network which is built to help people connect with others having a common interest. The entire network is based on the interests of users.

So, it’s a platform which focuses mainly on your hobbies, passions, and obsessions. It will be available for download on the Android and iOS app stores. It was already live in countries like US, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, UK, Brazil, and France. It has been launched in India on April 11.

It is compatible with Android smartphones running on Android KitKat version & above as well as iOS devices running on iOS 9 & above. The app has been made available for download at Google Play Store and App Store.

Key Features in Hello

Let’s see some of the key features of Hello network and how to use them.

1. Personas & Communities

When you will sign up on Hello, it will ask you to choose five personas from over hundreds available to connect with other people who share the similar interests. You need to pick the five best interests which describe your personality like Artist, Bollywood Fan, Chef, Cricket Fan, Dancer, Fitness Buff, Foodie, Geek, Musician, Photographer, Traveler, Yoga Lover, and more.


As soon as you pick your five interests, Hello will automatically allow you to connect with other people who have chosen the same interest as yours. You are always free to switch personas anytime you want. Hello will customize your news feed as per your interests.

It also has ‘communities’ to bring the like-minded group of people together. It is an excellent way of finding a group of like-minded people sharing a particular interest. It provides a home for every interest whether it’s your favorite cricket team, music band, or college alumni.

2. Folio

The Folio feature will show you a personalized feed of the content which is relevant to the personas chosen by you. It is your home feed and it gets populated with the content shared by other users having same personas as yours. You can easily see what other users have shared, follow them to know more about them, and also stay in regular touch with your friends.

Your folio is useful for connecting with new people easily.

3. Potentials and Connections

The Potential feature introduces new people to you based on a common location having same personas and interests like you.

Connections feature has a messaging feature to chat with your connections and also share images, expressions, gifts, and also grow your connections. You will be getting points on Hello network for your connections and interactions. These points will help you in moving up your levels on the Hello network.

4. Jots

Jots is similar to what we have wall posts on Facebook and scraps in Orkut. A ‘Jot’ can be an image, text, or a link. You will be able to create your own jots, and then post the jots in up to three interests. Once you will create a jot, it will appear on the timelines of these personas, and the users who have chosen the persona will be able to like and comment on it.

So, you will be able to create your own jots as well as browse through other jots posted on your chosen personas.

5. Milestones & Rewards

When you start sharing content on Hello, you will earn points for the same, and these points will help you in leveling up your profile to unlock more functionality inside the Hello network. It will start at Level 1 and will go up.

Reaching new levels on Hello network will give you rewards like unlocking new themes, new expressions for using in the chat, and more.

Data Privacy of users

Recently a major data leak happened in Facebook and privacy of the users were compromised with a third party company. But Hello believes that one has to be transparent while handling data and privacy of its users. Hello will not be sharing its user’s data with any third party apps and will solely use the data for the purpose of improving the user experience.

Hello has created lots of algorithms and features for dealing with fake content and user accounts. Hello has been created from ground zero taking into consideration the current issues faced by current social media networks. As per my Hello review, I think it is a safe and secure platform when it comes to data privacy of its users.

What makes Hello different from other sites like Facebook and Twitter

According to my Hello Network review, everything in Hello has been created with a fresh experience. It provides a more customized feeling than Facebook or Twitter and is very useful for professionals such as Artists, Photographers, and more.

The very basic functionality which makes it different from Facebook and Twitter is that it shows only those posts which are relevant to you based on your common personas. Hello realized that Facebook is already helping people to stay in touch with their real-life friends and families. Therefore, it doesn’t do the same and instead helps you in connecting with people via your hobbies and interests.

Twitter’s main purpose is to provide real-life updates to the followers from personalities like Politicians, Actors, Sports-persons, Business owners, and more. Therefore, its users are random people who are following you and thus doesn’t really help you connect with other persons. Whereas Hello has eliminated this limitation by allowing you to share your thoughts with the like-minded audience.

My Review

By my overall Hello review, I can say that it has unique and fabulous features for its users. Hello has just been launched in India a week ago, and it already has more than 50K downloads. Backed by the goodwill of Orkut’s founder Orkut Buyukkoktenm, it is aiming to find a good number of audience for its platform. It’s too early to say how Hello will perform in the coming days, but it has been launched at a perfect time when people are looking for alternatives after Facebook’s privacy breaches. We will need to wait and watch if Hello can snatch the world’s biggest social network crown from Facebook in the coming days.


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