How To Host A Free Professional Website On Dropbox

How To Host A Free Professional Website On Dropbox
Host Website On Dropbox Free Wit HTML, and Droppages,Pencake, Site44

Hosting a free website is very tough in this Digital market. There are a huge war among the hosting providers like Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost. And, also the investment is not too little that everyone can afford it. Among these hosting provides, Google Drive and Dropbox (A File sharing hub) providing a small feature to host simple html, css and JavaScript files.

As, we already discussed about the hosting of simple website at Google Drive. The only difference between Dropbox and Google Drive is that Dropbox has its own API which can easily integrated with any online external services. So, You have 2 option to host a professional website on Dropbox.
Hosting Html and CSS at Public Folder : – It is easiest way to host a static web page on Dropbox folder because you no need to take any kind of help from third parties API. Some, a past years ago, Dropbox was giving a public folder to share files over the world but its now removed and made an announcement that you can share any files with anyone by just sharing your file URL and its be visible across the world.


1. First, You have to create all necessary files i.e. html, css and JavaScript(if any). You can download my files for demo purpose. click here to download. (extract using Winrar or any other tool)

2. Now, Log in to your Dropbox Account and and create a folder as ‘My Website‘.

3. Now, Upload the downloaded html files.

4. Now, right click on the uploaded files and select ‘Share‘. and copy the URL address into the Notepad.                           

How To Host A Free Professional Website On Dropbox

5. Now, we have to make some changes into this URL to make it accessible on the internet. So, the default web address of the files is below,


6. Now, just remove ?dl=0 and replace https://www with dl . Now after making necessary changes, your URL should be looked like below URL,


7. Now, copy and paste the above URL into the browser address bar and hit Enter. Now, your website running on the internet for free. Your URL is too lengthy to remember, so you can short it by any URL shortening service like

DropPages : – DropPages is just a Web application which is connected to Dropbox through an API. The great advantage of this web apps is that it gives you a sub domain URL( That means, you no need to remember or share any lengthy URL. Demo


1. First, go to the official site of DropPages and sign in with your Dropbox account. It may ask for gran permission. Then, do so.

2. After sign in, Dropbox also ask for grant permission.Then click on allow.

3. Now, Create a new site. Just enter your desired website name. see below picture,

How To Host A Free Professional Website On Dropbox with droppages
Droppages to make your own website

4. Now, navigate to You will see a new folder created there as Apps.

5. Now, Open the folder Apps > MY.Droppages > Your website name (i.e

6. Now, you will see 3 folders like below,

How To Host A Free Professional Website On Dropbox
Droppage created a website free on dropbox

7. You can upload all your files. Upload all images, videos in content folder and files which you want to share into public folder and then index html into templates folder.
Just download a sample here

8. Just, upload and replace the existing folder & files of Dropbox. And that’s it.

9. Go to your newly created sites and enjoy.


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