How To Install WordPress On 000Webhost Free In 2 Minute

You are a newbie and want to start a blog then I will recommend you to start with Google blogger which is free and user friendly. 000Webhost is one of the top best free web hosting that provides free web hosting and supporting PHP, MySQL, Curl, XML. You can easily set up your own self-hosted WordPress Blog for free.


1. A free self-hosted WordPress[WP] Blog,
2. You can also install vBulletin, phpBB forum or any other php script for free,
3. Set up WordPress free domain,
4. Change name/DNS server for your WordPress blog,
5. One click WordPress install via fantastico installer (Feature closed),
6. Manually install or Upload your website or WordPress blog to 000Webhost via Filezilla client or fireft client,
7. Hosting using your Own Domain Name,
8. Load WordPress Backup on 000Webhost,
9. Set up WordPress with free domain.
10. Sending mails via SMTP using WordPress on 000Webhost.
11. If, you not satisfied with 000Webhost then you can later move to paid WordPress hosting like Hostgator, Bluehost.

Free installation of WordPress on 000Webhost

Installation : Requirements

Step by Step Guide to install


1. First, download all required file.
2. Install FileZilla client as usual by following the wizard.
3. Create an account 000webhost.
4. Now, create a new domain. see below picture,

How To Install WordPress In 000Webhost Free In 2 Minute

5. Now, you have 2 option,

  • First, if you already have a domain like or .com then enter on the first box otherwise leave it blank.
  • If you don’t have a domain then choose a name in the 2nd box and then choose enter a password and then click on ‘Set up account’. see below picture,                      

How To Install WordPress In 000Webhost Free In 2 Minute
6. Now after setting up a domain, wait for few second and then on the upper navigation menu click on list accounts. And, the click on ‘Go to CPanel‘.
                                            How to Make a Free Website with
7. Now on CPanel, Scroll down until you see “MySQL database” option. And, the click on it. see below picture,
How To Install WordPress On 000Webhost Free In 2 Minute

8. Now, create a database or enter the required and then hit on ‘Create database‘.    

Free Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL and cPanel, No Ads

9. And, then copy all the info including database name, MySQL username, MySQL user password and keep save on notepad. see below picture                           

How to add domain name to 000web host 


1. Now, unzip the Downloaded WordPress.

2. Now, launch FileZilla client on you PC. And at the top right upper corner. It will ask for the host, Username, and password and port.

How to add domain name to 000web host 

3. Now, go to your 000Webhost account > List Accounts > CPanel > View FTP details. see below picture,

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4. Now, copy and paste one by one the host, Username, Password (which you entered in MySQL database), and leave port blank. and click on “Quickconnect“.

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5. And wait until FileZilla showing the status that “Connected“.

HostGator Web Hosting


1. On FileZilla Client. You have two sub-windows,

         * Your Windows Computer Drives,

         * 2nd, your 000Webhost server. see below picture,                            

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2. Now, on 000Webhost server, double click public_html. see below picture,
How To Setup Free Website Hosting Using Your Own Domain Name and WordPress

3. And, you will find two files there and then select both of them and then right click and then delete.

How To Setup Free Website Hosting Using Your Own Domain Name and WordPress

4. Now, on your Windows Computer, browse the location where you unzip the WordPress downloaded files and just right click on the WordPress folder and then click “Upload“. see below picture,


5. Now, wait until the WordPress folder got uploaded.

Note:- Sometimes, a pop-up window may appear on FileZilla client, then just select over-write the file. and then hit OK.

6. Now, when your WordPress blog uploading successful. Then launch Chrome and then on the browser address bar enter your blog address (as you created at the very first 1st step PART 1) and the add /wp-admin and then hit enter, see below address



7. Now you will see like below and then click on Let’s go! .

How to install wordpress on free hosting account 000webhost
8. Now, open your Notepad where you save all the MySQL database (see PART 1 step 9) and enter one by one and after that click on ‘Submit‘.

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10. And, now you have successfully installed WordPress on 000Webhost. After hitting on submit, you will redirected to the WordPress control panel where they will ask for your Email address and other basic info and then follow all the wizards of them and then done. That’s it..

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