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Link building is one of the techniques of search engine optimization. Search engine treats link from the other website to a website as a vote which helps them to rank a site. But while building backlinks, you must ensure that links are not coming from less authority sites or spam sites otherwise, this will not only decrease the rank of your blog but also Google may de-index your site.

When Google spider crawl a site, then the spider need to find out two kinds of link from the such site
1. Dofollow
2. Nofollow

Nofollow is an HTML attribute which does not allow search engine bots to follow and it does not pass any link juice. While the Dofollow link allows search engine bots to follow.

How to find the authority of a website?

Two types of website authority,
1. Domain Authority (DA).
2. Page Authority (PA).

DA or PA is a score developed by Moz that represents how a website rank on search engines. Domain Authority measures the strength of an entire domain or a subdomain while the page authority measures the strength of a particular page. Both are the essential factor of Search Engine Optimization. So the question is how to find out the DA of a website? and how to avoid spam sites?

Then the answer is very simple, you need to add moz toolbar to your google chrome which help you find out the DA and PA of a blog or site. or you can also visit open site explorer,

Domain Authority Measures

1. 1-10 – below average
2. 10-20 average
3. 20-30 good
4. 30-40 very good
5. 40-60 excellent
6. Above 60 outstanding.

So if you are getting a Dofollow link from a website of which DA is more than 20, then it will help you to rank on Google search very fast. In the below image, you can see the domain authority of Shoutmeloud,

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