Facebook auto liker apk – Get unlimited likes on photos and status

Facebook auto liker apk
If you have 1000 of friends on Facebook, then you can easily get 100 of likes on your pictures and status without any hassle. But the problem is that it requires a lot of time to get more than 50 likes.

And at this point, Facebook auto liker bot APK becomes the most useful way to get likes on your profile pictures within minutes.

And there are a lot of auto like websites, greasemonkey scripts available on the web which make your task very easy. But most of them are scams and has a privacy issue related problem.

1. Bypass facebook photo tag verification
2. Create a facebook account without phone number and email

But don’t worry, I have a trick to get thousands of likes within minutes without generating tokens and spamming. And this trick will never deactivate or ban your account on Facebook.

How to get likes on your pictures?

1. MG auto liker bot apk
2. Internet connection.
2. And ofcourse, your android device

Guide to get facebook auto like APK

Step 1:  Your followers must be set on public or followers comment also public

1. First of all visit facebook follower setting panel.
2. then set the follower option to public
3. and set the ‘who can comment‘ to public. see below picture.

facebook auto liker apk, set follower to public

Step 2: Launch MG auto liker

1. Now launch MG auto liker bot app on your android device.
2. Now, you will be automatically taken out to the app dashboard.
3. Now, you need to login to your facebook account.

Note: It may ask you to give permission then do so,

4. Now you will have two options like below:

  • Get likes now click here to see your posts
  • Click here to download our second app
5. Then click on the first option ‘Get likes now click here to see your posts‘.
6. Now, a new dashboard will appear. Then from the menu bar, tap on ‘photo likes‘ to get lies on photos.
7. Now you will have all your facebook photos on your app dashboard. then you need to tap on ‘submit‘ (Located just below the every image).
8. Now again you need to tap on submit. But at this point, you need to select ‘how much like you want’ from the drop-down menu.

mg facebook auto liker apk free download

9. That’s it.

Watch the below video for better understanding:

I hope that the above step by step guide will help you get thousands of likes on photos, status, comments on facebook.

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