How to Factory Reset a Samsung Phone

Your Samsung Phone might already be filled up with apps and is starting to slow down. You can try to delete them one by one but that might take a while. The same goes if you’ve got too many saved pictures or files and it’s bogging down your smartphone. Sometimes what you need is a fresh start. So if you’re looking for a clean wipe of your Samsung phone and you’re don’t want to go through the hassle of uninstalling all of your apps, the solution might be to factory reset your Samsung phone.

Here’s a guide on how to Factory Reset your Samsung Phone. These methods work on most Samsung models like the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Note 8. But it may also apply to other Android phones. If you’re not sure whether you should reset your phone or not, or what will happen to your phone once you’re done, just go to the end of the article for information.

Factory Resetting your Samsung Phone – Method 1

Perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to reset your Samsung phone is to use the built-in Factory Reset feature. This is called a SOFT RESET. It’s easy to access but here’s an outline of how you can do it:

  1. Go to your phone settings (Gear Icon)

  1. Look for the Backup and Reset options and select it. This might be named differently for your phone or it might be in a separate settings folder. All Android phones – not just Samsung has this option (or something like it).

  1. Once you’ve found the backup and reset button, scroll down until you see the “Factory Data Reset” option and select it. You might also seeĀ Backup your Phone. Now might be the best time to do it, if you haven’t.
  2. You’ll be shown a list of things that will be removed, as well as warnings. Read it first.

  1. Once you’ve decided whether you want to go through with it, tap “Reset Device“.

  1. Your device should start the process and will reboot.
  2. Enjoy your Factory Reset Samsung Phone!

This is the easiest method to execute, simply explore your phone settings to find the correct options to reset the device.

Factory Resetting your Samsung Phone – Method 2

If somehow you’re having difficulties doing Method 1 (if there’s a rogue app that’s not letting you press anything or something similar), then you have the option of accessing the phone’s recovery options. This is called a HARD RESET.

Here’s an outline of steps:

  1. Make a Backup of your files (just in case).
  2. Turn your Samsung Phone off by pressing the power button and selecting the power down/shut down option.
  3. Once the phone is completely shut off, you’ll need to do a key combination. Press and hold the POWER + VOLUME UP + HOME buttons on your phone. For Samsung Phones without the Home button (like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and above), you’ll need to press POWER + VOLUME UP + BIXBY buttons.
  4. You’ll know that you did it right when you get a loading screen. What follows is a couple of options on a black background.

  1. Use the Volume buttons (Vol UP is UP, and Vol down is DOWN) and Power button (Select) to navigate and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  2. Press the Volume Down button and select Yes
  3. Your Samsung Device should already be on its way to be factory reset!

Factory Resetting your Samsung Phone – Method 3

Do you really want a fresh look for your Samsung Phone? You might want to flash a custom recovery and a customer ROM. This is a bit of an advanced method and would require a lot of research on your part, but it’s worth it.

Flashing custom ROMs on your phone might void your warranty, so be warned. However, the benefits are many. If you’re not really into the stock launcher that Samsung ships with their phone, you can change it completely using a custom ROM. If you’re not satisfied with the recovery options on your phone (in Method 2), you can actually change it by flashing it.

Again, you’ll need to research well. But there are plenty of forums that guide you step by step on how to flash a custom ROM on your Samsung Phone.

Have fun!

What is Factory Reset?

Factory resetting basically means that you’ll be wiping the entire contents of your phone. This will make so that your phone will look as if it just came out of the factory, hence the name. Doing a factory reset will wipe out apps, files, downloads, and settings – returning it to its original phone state. It’s a big commitment but if you already have a backup of your files and apps, then it’s great to take out the unessential things for your phone.

If you’re already prepared everything that you need, then you can proceed with factory resetting your Samsung phone.

In brief

There are plenty of methods that you can use to reset your Samsung Phone, outlined here. Just choose the best one to fit your needs and you’ll have a fresh phone.

Did these steps help you? Let us know in the comments!

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