Top 10 Facebook Tricks Which You Should Know

                                 Top 10 Facebook Tricks Which You Should Know

Facebook is a high ranked social networking site to connect with friends and family. So, the Webmasters is also busy to make trick for this. Below are the top 14 tricks which you should know,

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 1. Update FB Status in Blue Color : A simple Code by which you can update fb status in Blue Color.                          

2. Update FB Status Via Different Devices ( Fake ): Now , you can fool your friends by updating your status via different fake devices .

3. Generate Your Own Facebook Chat Text: Now , you don’t have to search chat text codes on the web , you can create your own chat text by uploading your desired pics to generator .

4. Generate Your Own Facebook Chat Code : Simple , you can generate Facebook Chat code .

5. Add Dislike Button ON Facebook: Facebook does not allow us to dislike the picture or status on FB which we hate. Now, an extension available to add dislike button on Facebook.

6. Open Multiple Facebook Account : You can log in only a simple facebook account. but, there are several tricks, by which you can login more than one facebook account.

7. Post Upside Down Status: A simple  javascript upside down status genrator to update your status in an amazing style.

8. Make 5000 Friends in One Day: Want to be popular on Social Networking ites, then this may help a lot to you to make 5000 friends within a midnight.

9. Confirm All Facebook Friend Request at Once  : Receving thousnads of Friends request freqently. Now, this trick lets you confirm all firends request at once.

10. Delete All Facebook Messages at Once  : Delete facebook messages one by one is too lendy . now , you can dlete all your Facebook messages at once witha click .

11. Download Facebook Videos  : Your Friends are uploading amaizng videos on facebook and you want to save those videos on your desktop. Then a simple trick, you can add a download button inside the facebook videos with just a simple trick.

12. Make Single Name Facebook Account  : Now, you are able to hide last name from your facebook profile name with just a proxy trick working all over the world.

13. Publish Audio message and comments : Want to Send or Publis Comment and status in audio form, then amn extension will help you a lot to do this.

14. Change Fonts on Facebook  : Are you bored with the default font of Facebook ?. Now, the developers has created an extension by which you can not only change the default fonts of facebook, but also others site like, gmail, Twitter.

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