Three O’clock 🕒 Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning


The Three O’Clock emoji depicts a clock face indicating a time of 3:00. Its design typically showcases an hour hand pointed at 3 and a minute hand at 12, reflecting the universal symbol for the hour of three in the afternoon or the early morning. This emoji is frequently used to suggest or affirm specific plans, appointments, or events scheduled for this particular time. It serves as a visual representation of time in digital communication, enhancing the clarity of messages when arranging meetings or sharing moments related to this hour.

Emoji UnicodeU+1F552
Emoji HTML🕒
Emoji GroupTravel & Places
Unicode Version0.6
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Three O’clock emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Three O’clock emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Three O’clock emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Three O’clock emoji

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