Radioactive ☢️ Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning


The Radioactive emoji is a visual representation of the hazard symbol used to denote radioactive materials or areas of radiation. This emoji features three triangular shapes converging around a central circle, mimicking the internationally recognized symbol for radioactivity. It's commonly used to signify danger, contamination, or to discuss topics related to nuclear energy, radiation therapy, or hazardous waste. Its striking design serves as a stark warning, highlighting the presence of materials or conditions that could pose serious health risks due to exposure to ionizing radiation.

Emoji UnicodeU+2622 U+FE0F
Emoji HTML☢️
Emoji GroupSymbols
Unicode Version1.0
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Radioactive emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Radioactive emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Radioactive emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Radioactive emoji

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