Poodle 🐩 Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning


The Poodle emoji is a digital representation of the elegant and highly intelligent dog breed, Poodle. This emoji showcases the distinctive curly fur that poodles are famous for, often styled in the breed's signature fashionable clips. It can be used to express love for pets, a keen interest in dog grooming, or simply to represent the poodle breed itself. Whether in conversations about favorite dog breeds, discussing pet care, or flaunting pet pride, the Poodle emoji adds a touch of sophistication and flair.

Emoji UnicodeU+1F429
Emoji HTML🐩
Emoji GroupAnimals & Nature
Unicode Version0.6
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Poodle emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Poodle emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Poodle emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Poodle emoji

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