Ledger 📒 Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning


The Ledger emoji depicts a classic, bound record book or accounting ledger, characterized by its sturdy cover and lined pages, often signifying finance, accounting, or business records in digital communication. It is graphically represented as a closed book with horizontal lines across the pages, sometimes including a strap or label for identification. This emoji is commonly used to convey topics related to financial transactions, bookkeeping, official records, or any form of organized documentation, making it a versatile symbol for conversations about finances, planning, and organization.

Emoji UnicodeU+1F4D2
Emoji HTML📒
Emoji GroupObjects
Unicode Version0.6
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Ledger emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Ledger emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Ledger emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Ledger emoji

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