Keycap 9 9️⃣ Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning


The Keycap 9 emoji is a digital representation of the number 9 enclosed within a square, resembling a key on a traditional keyboard. This emoji combines the digit 9 with a combining enclosing keycap to simulate the appearance of a button on a mobile phone or computer. It is commonly used to convey the number 9 in digital communications, including dates, times, or to signify a rank or position. The design of the Keycap 9 emoji varies across platforms but maintains its fundamental characteristic of reflecting the number nine in a stylized, accessible manner.

Emoji Unicode9U+FE0F U+20E3
Emoji HTML9️⃣
Emoji GroupSymbols
Unicode Version0.6
Google AndroidN/A
Apple iOSN/A
Twitter ImageN/A
Facebook ImageN/A

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