Fox 🦊 Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning

The Fox emoji depicts the face of a red fox, a small, omnivorous mammal distinguished by its pointed ears, elongated snout, and fluffy tail. Typically shown with a sharp gaze and in profile, this emoji captures the cunning and adaptable nature of the animal, often associated with cleverness and resourcefulness in various cultures. Its vibrant orange fur is beautifully contrasted with white details, encapsulating the fox's striking appearance and charm. Used in digital communication, the Fox emoji conveys slyness, attractiveness, or refers to the animal itself.

Emoji UnicodeU+1F98A
Emoji HTML🦊
Emoji GroupAnimals & Nature
Unicode Version3.0
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Fox emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Fox emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Fox emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Fox emoji

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