Flat Shoe 🥿 Emoji Copy & Paste and Meaning

The Flat Shoe emoji illustrates a simple yet stylish type of footwear, distinguished by its lack of an elevated heel. Typically depicted from a side view, it represents a comfortable and versatile shoe choice that aligns with both casual and formal attire. The design varies slightly across different platforms, capturing the essence of convenience and fashion. This emoji caters to a wide audience, symbolizing the ease of mobility and the preference for practicality without sacrificing elegance. It is often used in discussions around fashion, comfort, and personal style preferences.

Emoji UnicodeU+1F97F
Emoji HTML🥿
Emoji GroupObjects
Unicode Version11.0
Google AndroidGoogle version of the Flat Shoe emoji
Apple iOSApple version of the Flat Shoe emoji
Twitter ImageTwitter version of the Flat Shoe emoji
Facebook ImageFacebook version of the Flat Shoe emoji

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