The Most Profitable Proof of Stake (PoS) Coins

Adding proof of stake coins to your portfolio can be a great way to generate passive income. This can be used to further your investments without any additional outside contributions once established. You can either use these stakes to build your pot of existing staking coins to grow your monthly dividends, or you can also diversify these stakes into other […]

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Best Monero Wallets – Safely Store Your Monero

Monero is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to Coinmarketcap, which has a primary focus on privacy, scalability, and decentralization. It uses the blockchain technology to record transactions, specifically following the “CryptoNote” protocol which hides the details of the sender and the receiver. Once Monero is purchased, it must be stored in a wallet. Basically, there are two types […]

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EtherDelta Exchange Complete Guide – Deposit, Trade and Withdraw

EtherDelta Oyster Pearl

EtherDelta is probably the first decentralized exchange that became very popular in a short period because it had lots of tokens available that could not be bought on other exchanges. However, not everyone likes this exchanges because of lack of support, slow loading website, downtime, bugs and complex user interface. For someone new, it can be challenging to use Etherdelta, and […]

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How to Mine Bitcoin on a Mobile Phone

Financial markets all around the world seem to be fixated on the concept of “cryptocurrencies”, a type of alternative virtual currency doing rounds across financial circles. There is an excess of 1600 cryptocurrencies and related token projects active in the world, with Bitcoin leading the way. In fact, Bitcoin is the world’s first created cryptocurrency, first coming to prominence in […]

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Digital Asset’s Next Step: Blockchain SDKs for Worldwide Finance

Digital Asset's Next Step Blockchain SDKs for Worldwide Finance

NEW YORK – Blockchain company Digital Asset has announced its latest project aimed at changing the way financial firms use its programs. Blythe Masters, the former executive of JP Morgan global merchandise, currently leads the blockchain startup. She said that the company is on the verge of turning the conventional contract language DML into user-friendly software development kits (SDKs) for […]

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