How to Add a Custom Token to your wallet

MyEtherWallet, better known as MEW, is possibly the most used Ethereum and ERC20 wallet. It has more than 500 ERC20 tokens already listed but new tokens are created everyday and it’s not possible for them to add each and every one of them.

First of all, click on “Show All Tokens” button inside Token Balances box and check if your token is not already listed. The token list is very long so use CTRL+F to search the page with your token symbol (search the Symbol, not the name).

If you don’t see your token listed follow the steps below to add it:

1. Unlock your MEW wallet.

2. Click on the “Add New Token” inside the “Token Balances” box on the right sidebar.

3. Get the Contract Address, Symbol and number of Decimals of the token you want to add, from their official website.

You can find the contract address on the official website of that token or on their Telegram channel. Contract Address is the most important thing here and it must be correct; you’ll see your tokens even if you enter wrong Decimal or Symbol as long as the Contract address is correct. That being said, you should also make sure decimal and Symbol are correct too.

An ERC20 contract address is ideally 42 characters long and starts with 0x. For example:

Block Array (an ERC20 token):

Contract address: 0xa5f8fc0921880cb7342368bd128eb8050442b1a1

Token Symbol: ARY

Decimal: 18

Note: There can be multiple tokens with same Symbol and name.

4. Click on “Save” and it’s done. Now you can see your token on the list.

The custom token, however, will only show up on the browser you added it from. So, if you open your wallet on MEW from any other browser on the same computer or any other computer, the custom token added by you will not show and you’ll have to add it again.

Sent the token before it was added

MEW does not store your Ethereum or ERC20 tokens, it only connects you to the Ethereum blockchain. So, even if you didn’t have the token listed, you won’t lose them; you can add the token later. You can see all your tokens on or too.

However, you won’t be able to send the tokens to any other address from MyEtherWallet before adding them.

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