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Udemy Site-wide Coupons

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Udemy Course-specific Coupons

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This course teaches how to create sign up and sign in functionality for Swift mobile apps.

Free Udemy Courses

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About Udemy

What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning website that lets you choose from over 35,000 courses in a vide variety of subjects. Many of these courses are comparable to high quality online college classes. The courses are very affordable, allowing you gain vast amounts of knowledge and skills without emptying your bank account or taking out a loan. The best part is that there are a lot of Udemy coupons available so you can save even more. These aren’t just small discounts, many offer 50% off and even more.

Udemy just isn’t for people who want to learn, it’s also for people who want to teach. That’s right, Udemy let’s you create your own courses and upload them so other people can enroll and complete them to learn something new. The great part about this is that you earn money whenever someone purchases on of your courses. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and make a little something while doing it. Some course creators do very well for themselves.

How to Use Udemy

The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to www.udemy.com and create an account. Once you have your account created you’re free to browse all of the courses it has to offer. You don’t actually need an account to browse, but you’ll need one to access other site features. As I’ve mentioned before, there are tons of subjects available to choose from, such as business, music, photography, marketing and programming. All of these broad subjects are then broken down into smaller, more specific sections. For example, if you choose photography, you may then select from things like portraits, landscape, wedding and wildlife photography. You are then presented with a list of all the courses available according to your selections. Don’t forget to grab yourself an Udemy coupon before enrolling in order to save big.

If you would prefer to use Udemy to create courses, that’s pretty easy too. Just create your account and when you log in you should see a link at the top of the page that says ‘Become an Instructor’. Now it’s time to think of a name for your course that not only describes what it entails, but also something that sounds catchy and will peak the interest of any potential students. Now that you have your title the next obvious step would be to create your course. Most will probably already have a good idea in mind about how they want to present their material, which is something you should sit down and think about before you jump right in. If you do decide to jump right in, Udemy has a lot of great advice and resources to get you on your way to creating engaging and effective online training.

Free Preview

One of the many excellent features available at Udemy is the free preview option seen on a large number of courses. This lets you get a sneak peak of the instructor’s teaching style and how they present their material. To claim your free preview, click on the course you’re interested in learning more about, then click the link that says ‘Start free preview’. After you click this link you’ll be able to see a list of all of the videos and documents contained in the course. As soon as you land on this page a timer will start ticking down from five minutes. During this time, you’re free to read and watch anything you like. The whole course is wide open for you but only for five minutes. When your time is up you can decide to enroll or you can choose to continue browsing. You may do this for as many courses as you wish but only once for each. If you decide to enroll don’t forget to pick up an Udemy coupon.

Free previews aren’t just great for the student, they’re also great for the instructor. The reason you might come across some courses not offering the free preview option is because the instructor has elected not to enable it. It’s completely up to you as a course developer if you want to give the student a peek first. It’s highly recommended that if you publish a course to turn free previews on. This creates a level of trust with the student and, if it’s a good quality course, will help the sales to start rolling in.

Udemy Coupons

As a student, it’s always recommended to hunt down an Udemy coupon for your desired online training course. You can get coupons for ten dollar courses, free courses, deals on your first purchase and huge percentage discounts. Coupons are actually created two different ways at Udemy, not that you’ll notice a difference if you’re using them as a student. The two types are instructor coupons and affiliate coupons. An Instructor coupon can be created by the author of the course to use in promotions and bring in more potential students for their class.

Affiliate coupons are created by Udemy and given to third party website owners to use to help promote Udemy courses. When a student uses an affiliate Udemy coupon, the affiliate website owner gets a commission from the sale. Not just anyone can be an affiliate, you need to apply and meet certain criteria before you’ll be accepted. As an instructor, you can choose whether or not you want to opt your courses into this program. If you do, Affiliates will be able to use coupons for your courses to help drive sales. The downside is you only get 25% of the purchase price if an affiliate makes the sale, but it’s a sale that probably wouldn’t have been made otherwise so it’s definitely beneficial to opt in.

Udemy is highly recommended if you’re in search of something comparable to online college classes at a much cheaper price. With such a large number of courses available, it’s no wonder Udemy has attracted over nine million students so far and that number keeps growing. Why wait any longer? Get yourself an Udemy coupon and start learning new things today.