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Is BlueHost the Right Hosting Partner for You?

BlueHost is certainly one of the most popular shared hosting companies out there, which is also perhaps the reason there are many looking for a BlueHost coupon to get a discount. Now, that’s saying something, given that the shared hosting space is ultra competitive.

However, the popularity may not always reflect the reliability, and it’s seemingly especially true when it comes to the shared hosting companies. But is that the case with BlueHost as well or does it manages to stand out? Well, let’s find out below in this detailed BlueHost review.


BlueHost was founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton, who worked as the CEO of the company for about 15 years. However, the company was surrounded with many controversies in 2010, which is when the EIG (Endurance International Group) acquired it.

Matt Heaton then handed over the reins of BlueHost to Dan Handy, who took over as the CEO of the company in 2011 and still holds the position to date.

BlueHost used to only offer shared hosting until very recently, but have now also started offering other different types of hosting such as VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers and more. It also claims to be hosting as many as around 2 million websites throughout the world, and if it’s indeed the case, it can definitely be termed as one of the most popular shared hosting providers out there.

A Look at the Important Features

Well, now that you’re aware of the company’s history and what it’s well known for, let us take a look at some of the important features it offers to its customers.


If there’s one thing that bothers shared host users the most, it’s probably the reliability. More often than not, shared host users have to deal with annoying uptime problems, and many times don’t even realize that their website has been down for a few hours or sometimes a few days.

This doesn’t seem to the case with BlueHost, however. It has been in the business for about two decades now, and has managed to build a huge user base, making it one of the most popular shared hosts out there.

Perhaps one of the main reasons it has managed to come this far is due to being significantly more reliable than most of its counterparts. While there have been some hiccups in the past, with probably the most notable one being the CPU throttling case in 2009. However, it seems to have managed to get around those problems since long.

Talking about the numbers, BlueHost has managed to achieve an uptime of about 99.9% in 2014. It followed it up with an even phenomenal uptime of 99.996% in the last year, which is considered very surprising for a shared host offering its services for as low as 289Rs/mo (or $3.45/mo for non-Indian users) to say the least (which can perhaps be even lower if you manage to find a working BlueHost coupons!).


Speed is considered another crucial feature of any type of host. That being said, while BlueHost isn’t the fastest out there, it’s certainly considered fast enough for a cheap host.

If you’re looking for a host in the under 300Rs (or $4)/mo price range, it would probably be quite a task to find one that offers a better page loading time than BlueHost. Similarly, BlueHost seems to be quite impressive on the server response time as well, with the average seemingly being less than 300 ms.

Finally, BlueHost also seems to be working on upgrading its server hardware recently, which is apparently leading to an even better page loading and server response time.


Well, so here comes what most of you are probably most interested in – the pricing. If you already couldn’t tell by what we have mentioned above, BlueHost is one of the cheapest shared hosts out there that doesn’t really seem to be compromising on the reliability front.

With that being said, BlueHost offers three different plans, and they mainly vary in terms of the number of websites that you can host. It’s also probably worth noting that all of the annual plans come with a free domain.

The first plan, being offered for Indian users at Rs 289/mo (or Rs 239/mo if they choose to host on a US server) and $3.45/mo for non-Indian users, allows hosting just one domain. However, this is far from being something disappointing, as typically most basic shared hosting plans allow hosting a single domain only.

The business plan allows hosting 3 domains, and costs Rs 329/mo (Rs 309/mo on US servers) for Indian users and $5.95/mo for non-Indian users.

Finally, the pro plan allows hosting unlimited domains, and sets you back Rs 469/mo (Rs 409/mo on US servers) and $13.95 for non-Indian users.

Surprisingly, however, there’s no difference between any of the plans when it comes to the disk space, performance, email accounts, or any other important factors.

The reason there’s a slight difference between the costs of hosting your domain(s) on Indian servers and US servers is that the Indian servers perform 10x better (claimed by BlueHost) than US servers for Indian traffic, but may be costing more to the company.

Finally, many people (including in India and other countries) seem to look for a BlueHost coupon to get a great discount on the overall cost. However, such BlueHost coupons may be a little hard to find, as most websites just promote BlueHost plans at the same prices, without offering any discounts to the users.

However, depending on the website you use for searching for discounts, you may find a BlueHost coupon code that’s still active and allows you to save quite a bit while buying any of the plans for a longer duration.

A Final Word

If some of the more experience webmasters opinion is anything to go by, there doesn’t seem to be anything significantly negative about BlueHost. Perhaps you could just say that the rather mediocre support (when compared to some of the other, perhaps more expensive hosts out there) is something that’s not very impressive about the host, if you just had to name something.

Apart from that, BlueHost is considered to be a great option in the low-priced shared host segment, and probably even more so if you manage to find a working BlueHost coupon.