How to Check Your Own Mobile Number (Jio, Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone, Aircel)

People are forgetful at times. We usually forget things that are of no consequence to us, like the first game we ever played, or our first smartphone. But have you experienced being at a gathering then someone important comes up to you and says, “What’s your mobile number?” You struggle to remember but nothing is coming to you. Sounds like a nightmare, huh? Well, for any phone, it couldn’t get any easier to check your own mobile number.

Logo of all Indian operators

You can check your mobile number by dialing USSD codes, almost all the operators show the mobile number this way but some operators don’t and in that case you can use mobile applications provided by the operator to find your own mobile number.

To check mobile number if you don’t have balance in your account, follow these steps:

List of all Operators

OperatorUSSD Code
Aircel*1# or *133#
Idea*1# or *131*1#
Tata Docomo*1# or *580#
Telenor*1# or *555#
JioMy Jio app

Check Reliance Jio Mobile Number

Reliance Jio is an Indian LTE mobile network operator that offers wireless 4G network (LTE). This operator does not support 3G and 2G network and supports about 22 telecommunication circles in India.

Jio does not have a USSD code that shows the number, instead you have to download the My Jio app from the Playstore to find your Jio mobile number. After downloading the app, follow these steps to get your mobile number:

  1. Install the My Jio app.
  2. Open the app and click the button labeled “Sign in with the Sim”
  3. You can now check your Reliance Jio Mobile number on top of your phone screen.

Another method is by opening this link on any device connected to Jio internet. It shows your number as well as other Jio numbers connected to your number.

Check Airtel Mobile Number

Airtel is probably the second largest provider of mobile and fixed telephony in India. It is also a supplier of subscription television and broadband services.

To know your Airtel mobile number, you’ll have to dial USSD codes from your number. Note that dialing USSD codes does not require balance. The USSD codes for Airtel are:

  • *1#
  • *121*1#
  • *121*9*#

Check Vodafone Mobile Number

Vodafone is a multinational telephone company that offers IT and telecommunication services to business clients and consumers.

By dialing one of the given USSD code below, you can easily check your Vodafone mobile number even if you don’t have any balance:

  • *111*2#

The USSD code above also shows account balance.

Check BSNL Mobile Number

The BSNL mobile was formerly known as CellOne, an Indian network operator that provides both postpaid and prepaid mobile services. It is a government owned company.

USSD code for BSNL sim card:

  • *222#

Check Aircel Mobile Number

Aircel is the 6th largest Indian mobile network operator that provides 4G, 3G, 2G, and voice data services and is currently headquartered in Gurgaon.

To find your Aircel number, dial this USSD code from your mobile:

  • *1#
  • *131*0#
  • *133#

Check Idea Mobile Number

Idea or Idea Cellular is a mobile network operator that offers 4G, 2G, and 3G mobile services. In fact, it is one of the most popular Indian mobile operator with more than 196 million subscribers.

Dial any of the following USSD codes to find your Idea mobile number:

  • *1#
  • *131*1#
  • *147#
  • *131#

Check Tata Docomo Mobile Number

Tata Docomo is a 9 years old telecom operator based in New Delhi, founded by Ratan Tata that serves more than 36 Million customers. It is owned by Tata Teleservices.

Dialing USSD codes listed below shows Tata Docomo mobile number:

  • *1#
  • *580#

Check Telenor Mobile Number

The Telenor is a multinational telephone company that is owned by the government. It is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunication companies and provides extensive TV and broadband distribution operations.It was formerly known as Uninor in India.

Telenor has two USSD codes that shows mobile number:

  • *1#
  • *555#

Check MTNL Mobile Number

MTNL is another state owned telecommunication company. Headquartered in New Delhi, it serves more than 3.5 Million subscribers and was founded in 1986.

Try the USSD code below to find MTNL phone number:

  • *8888#

Check T24 Mobile Number

Jointly owned by Tata Teleservices and Future Group, T24 is an Indian cellular company founded in 2010. It provides 2G and 3G services to more than 16 circles.

T24 USSD code to check mobile number is:

  • *1#


As you know, the easiest way to find the mobile number is by dialing another number from your SIM or mobile phone. Of course this would only work if you already have some balance and have another mobile phone.

I have listed most of the telecom companies in India, if your operator is not listed let me know by commenting below. Except Jio, all telecom operators have USSD codes to check the number, and dialing USSD codes does not charge your money so you can use these even if you don’t have any balance. Also, as you can notice, most of the operators support *1# code. If any of the codes don’t work, comment below and I’ll fix that.