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buy and sell class notes online

The online marketplace is not only limited to buying and selling of physical goods only. But there is a significant number of online markets which is also deal with digital items. And the biggest advantages of digital items is that you no need to hold inventory and neither you need to incur any cost of delivery.

When we thought about of buying and selling of used goods then, the first eCommerce website comes to our mind is eBay online store. And you can also sell your digital items there for free. But from the last few years, there are large numbers of scam happened on eBay marketplace which made almost impossible for a newbie sellers to sell their products there. If you want to become a rockstar of eBay store, then you need to get at least one start rating.

So you must keep one thing in mind that you need a high rated eCommerce store to sell your class notes online whether in India or outside India.

And following is the best mode to buy and sell online safely,

1. Amazon Store: Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces where anyone can buy and sell their goods safely. Ther are only a few person knows that Amazon also sells ebooks either in Kindle format or PDF format.
If you want to sell you class notes in Amazon store in pdf, then you need to create a PDF of your class notes and then convert that PDF into Kindle format. And after that, you can easily make huge money by selling your engineering, Btech(CSE) or high school notes.
If you want to sell your notes in books, form. Then I will not recommend you to go this way. Because you need to incur a lot of expences like delivery cost, packaging cost, etc.

The best thing about Amazon store is that you can sell your class notes globally.

2. Paypal Digital Delivery System: Paypal is just like PayTm of India by which you can transfer your money to anyone over the globe. A part of this service, Paypal also provides an impressive service of buying and selling of digital items globally. You can either sell your class notes on your website or social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. visit here

How set up Paypal digital delivery?

3. Instamojo: Instamojo is a Mumbai based startup which provides payment solution to small, medium or large industries. Like Paypal, once you get the payment link of your digital product, you can sell it anywhere on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
To sell with Instramojo, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge. The process is very simple, and you only need to create an account there and upload your PDF and get the payment link, and after that, you are free to share that link anywhere on the internet. visit here

Note: You are allowed to sell only in India and not abroad.

All the marketplaces including eBay, Paypal, Intamojo charge a small amount of fee. The charges are applicable only when you make sales. But on Amazon, I am not sure, you may have to pay charges when you creating a seller account there.

I hope the above solution worked for you for selling your class notes. If you know any other better alternative than the above marketplaces then comment below. And, I will include in the above article.

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