Take a Complete Backup of Your Android Device Without Root

backup android device without root
Android is the most popular operating system which provides many features to make life easier. The most important thing of android phone is backup. If you have installed a custom recovery on your Android device, then you can freely use Nandroid backup. And one of the best alternatives for Nandroid backup is Titanium backup, but its require root to function.

If you are a non-root user, then you can still backup all the data of your device using Super backup which does not require root to function. Super Backup can take Complete backup of APP, Contacts, Calendars, Messages, Call Logs, Bookmarks on your SD card or you can also upload to Google Drive or Gmail as an attachment.

How to backup an Android device without root?

1. First of all, download and install super backup on your Android device.

2. Launch the application a usual. You can now see the below like dashboard,

Backup of Your Android Device Without Root

3. Select the option i.e., Contacts to backup all your contacts.

4. Now, you have to tap on Backup option. And then a pop-up box will appear then tap on ok. That’s it.

You can also take the backup app, SMS, and call logs in the same way as discussed above.

How to Restore data?

Just tap on contacts (if you want to restore all your contacts of if which you have taken backup). And, there you will have an option Restore just tap on restore and then select you previous backup.

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