Apps to Help you Pay your Bills in the Philippines

One of the things that most Filipinos dread is paying bills. Most people in the Philippines would queue up to “Bayad Centers” or payment centers, wait a few minutes up to 30 minutes and pay their bills. This payment method, as inconvenient as it sounds, is actually easier than how bills were paid previously. Before, you had to go to the company itself to pay your bills. What people don’t realize now, is that there are apps to help pay bills in the Philippines.

I’m not sure what the reason might be, but only a few Filipinos are adopting these apps. Maybe it might just be a lack of awareness, or just a general fear of doing something new. Nevertheless, it cuts down to how you pay your bills in the Philippines. Long gone are those days you waited 30 minutes to pay your water bill. Now you can pay your bills in as little as 10 seconds. That’s a lot of time saved. And for some of these apps, you can even make the payments automatic so you don’t have to go back and pay it again every month.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the apps to help you pay your bills in the Philippines.

1. Banking Apps

The method of payment that I use the most are banking apps. With low barriers of entry to set up a bank account, more and more Filipinos are getting banked. However, not everyone is aware that these banks have the capacity to pay your bill through mobile. So if ever that you’ve got a bank account, try and check if there’s an available app for your bank. I’ve seen the apps for Unionbank, Security Bank, and Metrobank and each one of these apps allow you to pay your bills with ease.

Of course, since we’re talking about banks here, security might be a concern. So to ease your anxiety with using these apps, they are actually the most secure apps in the Play Store today. Some of these apps go as far as requiring your fingerprint each time you log in.

You can search Google Play for your Bank and download the app from there.

2. CLIQQ by 7-eleven

A convenience store that is all over the place in Metro Manila is 7-Eleven, and it’s actually a good channel to pay your bills. All you need to do is download the CLIQQ app in the Google Play Store. The app basically takes all the necessary information such as the Biller, Account Number and Amount, after which it generates a Bar Code.

Once you have the Bar Code, just simply go to any 7-eleven store and have them scan it. The cashier then will ask you to pay for the amount you declared. This method of payment doesn’t take too much time because you can find a 7-eleven almost anywhere, and most of the time, there’s no line! It’s very convenient and it definitely beats waiting a long time at a Bayad Center just to pay your bills in the Philippines.

Download the CLIQQ app by clicking here.

3. PayMaya

PayMaya is a virtual prepaid card that you can load up. You can use PayMaya to pay for online purchases and you can even get a physical card so you can use it to buy at brick and mortar stores. But one of the best features that PayMaya has to offer is the ability to pay your bills through the app. With more and more billers, allowing payments through PayMaya, you’re not going to have any problems paying your bills here.

The only caveat to PayMaya is that it’s a prepaid card. Basically, you’ll have to load your PayMaya card up through a 7-eleven store, or through the malls. It’s still somewhat a hassle to use. However, if you load up a lot of money beforehand, it’s actually one of the most convenient ways to pay your bills without a bank account or credit card.

Download PayMaya by clicking here.

4. GCash

GCash is a money transfer service by the Globe Telecom company. It was one of the services that revolutionized the way we transfer money and a lot of people are subscribed to it. And with a huge install base, Globe made the right move by allowing its customers to pay their bills through their app. Signing up to GCash is easy and straightforward, and you can find most of the information online.

There is only a slight inconvenience to using GCash: you’ll have to load up your wallet first before you use it. To load up your wallet, you’re going to have to go to a Globe Store, or 7-eleven. However, recently Globe partnered with PayPal and now you can load up your wallet by transferring your balance from your PayPal account. Using GCash might possibly be the most accessible way to make bill payments in the Philippines, since there are so many GCash users today.

Download the GCash app by clicking here.


One of the newest services in the Philippines, is not half bad as a bill payment channel. It was started in 2014 by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and it operates on block chain technology. Basically, you can use to buy Bitcoin and Etherium in the Philippines. And it’s honestly one of the safest ways to do so. Capitalizing on the fact that you can buy virtual currencies with the app, the bill payment channel was introduced.

Paying your bills using can’t get any simpler. Just simply look for the biller through the app, then input the needed information such as the account number and the amount. After submitting, the app simply deducts from the money that you have in your wallet. The only issue that I have with is that it doesn’t have that many billers to choose from. However, if you’re looking for an app that doubles as a Bitcoin or Etherium wallet and a bill payment option, then download

Download Wallet by clicking here.

Final Words

And that wraps up the ways that you can pay your bills using apps. But those on this list are not the only ways to make bills payment. With the rise of the smartphone, more and more companies are starting to offer services like this. It’s a great relief and convenience to Filipinos that you no longer need to go to Physical stores to pay bills. And it’s honestly one of the recent technological improvements that I personally appreciate.

You would also be doing a favor to your relatives if you tell them about these methods. Honestly speaking, the reasons why most of these methods haven’t really take off is the lack of awareness. If you’ve got relatives that you know are paying a lot of bills, whether for utilities or credit card payments, send them this article. And with more and more people aware of how to make payments using apps, everything is going to be easier.

Paying your bills in the Philippines used to be a real hassle, but not anymore. With these apps on your phone, you’ll be able to pay your bills in no time!

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