How To Install CommentLuv On Blogger Blogspot [Video]

How To Install CommentLuv On Blogger Blogspot [Video]

CommentLuv,  is one of the premium plugin of WordPress, enables high engagement and high traffic.  There is also an alternative of this plugin which is known as Disqus. But the advanced feature of this plugin makes it different from others.

The Only difference between Disqus and ComLuv is that  ComLuv does not require sign up while you must have to sign up to make a comment on Disqus.

The comment feature enables you to interact with your visitors. Visitors are continuously coming to your blog but don’t comment. So, When visitors don’t have to be sign up then they can freely comment on your blog.

The another advantage of ComLuv is that it allow Dofollow backlinks and the newbie bloggers who searching for backlinks will come to your blog and comment and create high engagement. After Google Panda update, Google now searching for those website for SERP who has huge backlinks and ready to serve quality contents.

Because, the ComLuv is a WordPress Plugin. So, we can’t install it directly. We have to take help from a third party server.

How to /

1. First, Create a Free Account on IntenseDebate. click here

Attention:- During filling of contact form, you should select ” I want to install IntenseDebate on my blog or website “. See below picture                           

How To Install CommentLuv On Blogger Blogspot [Video]

2. Now, When sign up is completed. Then login to Your account.

3. Now, you have to enter your blog address. And hit on ” Next Step “. See below picture ….

How To Install CommentLuv On Blogger Blogspot [Video]

4. Now, a page will appear and giving you a simple instruction to download and upload your blogger template. Then Just go to Blogger > template > Backup/Restore > download full template.

5. Now, upload the template to the uploaded option. and the click on ” upload file and continue “. See below picture,

How To Install CommentLuv On Blogger Blogspot [Video]

6. Now, You will get your customized template. Now, you just have to do one thing that copy the entire template and then go to Blogger >  Template > Edit Template.

7. And then Replace the entire default template with the ComentLuv customized template of your blogger. And then Save the template.

8. Now, we have to enable ‘ commentLuv ‘ plugin. Now scroll down up to the bottom of the page. And then click on “Configure This IntenseDebate Account”.

9. Now, at your right-hand side you can see the menu. Then click on the ‘ Plugin ‘.

10. And Now from the list of plugins, select ‘CommentLuv

‘ and then click on “Activate”.

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