10 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android

Ads are everywhere. From billboards on the road, to commercials on TV, and even on your computer while you’re using your browser. And most annoyingly, ads have found their way into your mobile phone. It’s one of the ways free sites and “freemium” games can stay in business but it’s an inconvenience to users, especially those on Android. Which is no wonder why developers are racing to create the best ad blocker for Android devices.

Now the question is, “what is the best ad blocker on Android?” There are tons and tons of apps in the market but of course, we here in GadgetCouncil went the extra mile to review each of them for you.

Note: Not all apps and websites with ads should be disabled. App Developers work really hard to create and promote their apps and the only source of revenue for most of them is ads. If you really like an app and the ads are not annoying, I’d recommend not disabling the ads for that app.

Here’s our top 10 Best Ad Blockers Apps for Android:

1. Ad Block Plus


  • Free
  • Simple to use
  • Works on non-rooted devices


  • Needs to run in the background to work
  • Battery Drainer

Ad Block Plus or Ad Blocker Plus is one of the most mentioned Ad Blocker Apps for Android on the internet and that reputation is the real thing. It boasts an easy to use interface and once you’ve downloaded it and set it up, you can just leave it be and it will do its job.

The only real problem with this app is that it has to keep running in the background, which will easily drain your battery. But for an effortless experience without ads? It’s definitely worth it.

Download Ad Blocker Plus by clicking here.

2. Ad Away


  • Open Source
  • Easy to modify


  • Needs a rooted phone

Ad Away is a celebrated Ad-Blocking App by the tech-savvy community. The reason as to why it’s highly praised is because it is open source. Meaning to say, anyone with coding experience can play around with the code and ultimately create an ad-free surfing experience that is unique to just them. Under the hood, it uses the host file of your Android device. To put it simply, it finds out which IP Addresses are known to show ads and it blacklists or whitelists those sites.

My only gripe with this ad blocker is that you need root access. Definitely a con for those of you that don’t want to tinker with their brand new phone that much. Other than that, it’s one of the most customizable ad block experiences right now.

Download Ad Away by clicking here.

3. Free AdBlocker Browser


  • Blocks all adds on browsers – banner ads, column ads and even popups
  • Safe browsing
  • Great Battery Saver


  • You need to browse using the app, no using of third party apps
  • Does not apply to games

Free AdBlocker Browser is what it says in the name: It’s a Free Ad-Blocking App that is also a browser. Once you download and use it, you’ll come to see what it looks like to use a browser that has zero ads. It blocks all forms of ads that you’ve gotten used to – ads on top of websites, ads on the sides and popups that are very tedious to deal with. This app sounds great and all when you’re browsing, but what if you’re not browsing?

One of the biggest downsides of this app is that you’re constrained to just use the app to browse. There’s no way to link the app’s features to other browsers like Google Chrome Android browser or your Stock browser. And more importantly, it doesn’t apply to games where most of the ads can be found. But if you’re just going to browse websites, this is the best way to go.

Download Free AdBlocker Browser by clicking here.

4. AdGuard


  • Stops ads both in browsers and in-app ads
  • Easy to blacklist and whitelist ads


  • Full app not available in Google Play
  • The app in Google Play only works for 2 browsers
  • Need to pay for a subscription

If you really want a premium feel to how your ads are getting blocked, and if you want to have a UI experience that is smooth like butter, then AdGuard is definitely the one for you. It stops ads in both browsers and inside of app so say goodbye to those terrible ads in your free games. It’s also quite easy to filter out which websites or apps you’d like to block and which you’d like to keep.

The only issue that I have with this app is that after the 7 day trial period (which was enough for me to buy into it), you’ll have to purchase a subscription at $25 a year. Don’t let the price tag scare you though, you’ll have comprehensive protection for both your Android phone and your computer. It’s definitely worth it.

Download AdGuard by clicking here.

5. Opera Mini


  • A browser with robust ad blocking features
  • Easily blocks ads without any problems


  • Only blocks ads on websites
  • Does not work on in-app ads (games, etc.)

Opera Mini is one of the most downloaded browser apps on Google Play and there are a couple of good reasons as to why that is. It’s a great lightweight browser that gives you all of the full-blown features of other browsers at a fraction of the resource usage, and it’s a very effective ad blocker when browsing the web. It offers more customization features than your average stock browser and even trumps juggernauts in the browser space like Chrome in the ad-blocking department.

Of course, it’s not perfect. The ad blocking features only work when you’re using the app and will not continue blocking ads when you switch apps. It’s a minor issue though. In exchange, you get a very efficient browser and ad blocker rolled into one. You should definitely try it out.

Download Opera Mini by clicking here.

6. TrustGo Ad Detector


  • Simple Interface
  • Has a privacy scanner
  • Blocks ads at a basic level


  • Not as powerful as other ad blockers
  • Not as optimized as other apps – battery drainer
  • Not available on Google Play Store anymore

TrustGo Ad Detector has risen and fallen in popularity through its years in the Play Store. But it’s still one of the go-to apps in the market right now. It’s really simple to use. If you have an older device, like if you’re still using a phone still on Gingerbread, it will still work. It’s easy to navigate around and easy to set the settings that you want, but you can feel that the app is outdated.

Because it is outdated. The app can still work at a basic level but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the other apps have. It’s also not optimized for newer Android builds so you might notice that it’s draining your battery faster than other apps. However, for all of those cons, TrustGo Ad Detector still is a legitimate ad blocker that will serve you well.

Download TrustGo Ad Detector by clicking here.

7. Ad Block Fast


  • Blocks ads Fast
  • Not a battery drainer
  • Works on Samsung Internet Browser only


  • Doesn’t work on games
  • Third party apps not applicable

Ad Blocker Fast doesn’t lie when it says that it blocks ads fast. Aside from having efficient ad-blocking features, it is also one of the most accessible apps as it is available in both the Google Play store and its developer’s website. It’s lightweight and is not that taxing on slower devices – it doesn’t compete with your other apps in terms of resource usage and will not auto-close your apps if you’re using too many at once.

The only real problems with this app are that you’ll need to use a Samsung Internet Browser, and it doesn’t work on third-party apps. So if you’re getting tired of seeing ads on your favorite mobile game or on your favorite social media app, then you’ll have to look elsewhere. However, with the speed and efficiency that you get from this app, if you’re just going to simply browse the internet and don’t mind getting ads on your other apps, then it’s a great ad blocking option.

Download Ad Block Fast by clicking here.

8. Ad Vanish Lite


  • Works on non-rooted devices
  • Not resource intensive


  • Not available on Google Play

Ad Vanish Lite literally makes those annoying ads vanish and it does this beautifully. Featuring a very bare UI, it does its magic on the sidelines without delay. Actually, the UI is not really all that important because you’re not going to be staying and playing around with the settings for a long time. Once you’ve set things up initially, it’s going to be a very smooth and pleasurable experience for you whenever you’re on the internet. One of the best thing about this app is that it doesn’t need a rooted phone to work. And because it’s a ‘lite’ app, you don’t have to worry about this ad blocking app taking your precious RAM or your battery life.

The only caveat that I have with this app is that you’ll have to go to external sources in order to download it. Basically, it’s not available on the Google Play store. There are other sites that you can download it from, but you’ll have to say goodbye to automatic updates. But with the minimalist design of this app, I’m pretty sure that you’ll be happy to have this in your apps folder.

Download Ad Vanish Lite by clicking here.

9. Block This


  • Completely free
  • Easy to customize, User-friendly
  • Open source


  • Not available on Google Play

Google has been steadily removing ad blockers from its Play Store in the past years and it’s getting harder and harder to get your hands on a good ad blocker because it disrupts Google’s “business model”. However, apps like Block This continue to thrive and serve the community with features that are both functional and practical. It sports a very modern experience, with settings and features that you can easily flip on in a matter of seconds. It greatly excels with a customizable experience, and if you want to go the extra mile, you can even go into its code and tweak it from there. Definitely, a very comprehensive experience that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Again, you’ll have to download this app not from Google Play, but from its developer website. It does have frequent updates, and it does notify you within the app, so there’s no real big issue here.

Download Block This by clicking here.

10. AppBrain Ad Detector


  • Detects ads within your phone
  • Easy to setup


  • A battery drainer

Think of this app as the most modern ad blocking experience that you can get in the Google Play Store right now. That’s right, downloading this app is pretty easy and accessible to everyone with an Android phone. Once you have it downloaded and booted app, you can just leave the rest to this app and you’ll have an ad-free browsing experience.

An issue for those with lower battery capacity is that it does keep running in the background to stop ads, so you might come to the point of closing this app if you’re running low on battery. Nevertheless, you won’t regret getting this app.

Download AppBrain Ad detector by clicking here.

In Brief

Ads are a minor annoyance to some and it’s a major problem to those that have a limited internet connection and can’t afford to have their precious data taken away by useless advertisements. For cases like this, it’s almost a given that in order to browse the internet without the inconvenience of ads that you’ll need an ad blocking app.

With so many apps out in the market doing the exact same thing, it’s easy to just pick any one of them and leave it be. However, it’s not going to be the best experience for you because different apps have different functions and they might not meet your needs. Some might block certain kinds of ads only and some might be locked behind a paywall – a subscription or a one-time payment. However, for most purposes, any of the apps in this list can block those pesky ads.

Stop getting annoyed with ads and download one of these apps today! Did any of the ad blocker apps listed here help you? Let us know in the comments!

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